The story of Zaskia Sungkar Surrender Cannot give birth normally because the Fallopian tubes are removed


Celebrity couple Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah really feel the struggle of having a child in their little family, Mother. Both of them shared various experiences.

Zaskia admitted that during the pregnancy program, she was not the only one trying, Mother. The husband also tried to check himself to the doctor.

During the program, Zaskia said that there was no fear in her. She was also grateful for being given a calm heart and feeling during her pregnancy program.

“When we program it, WL It’s like God just gives you a calm heart. We are so mutually reinforcing each other. Irwan may also be more sincere and resigned,” said Zaskia as seen from the channel YouTube Love Quran TV, Wednesday (16/2/2022).

As a woman, getting pregnant and giving birth normally is one of the things we dream the most, Mother. Unfortunately, this cannot be felt by Zaskia Sungkar because both of her fallopian tubes have been removed. Zaskia also told a funny and sad moment that she felt when she was trying or trying.

“If people say you have finished your business (having intercourse), don’t immediately move a lot. Be quiet first, lie down first. Then Irwan said, ‘Who, sorry, yes. But your fallopian tubes have been removed,'” said the woman who is familiarly called Kia. while crying and laughing.

“You wake up, just wake up,” added the husband.

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Even so, Zaskia admitted that Irwansyah was always careful to convey sensitive things to him. This is so that Irwansyah does not hurt his wife’s heart.

“Irwan every time he said something to me was very careful. Don’t hurt my feelings,” he added.

Before having children, Irwansyah’s priority was his family and wife. Meanwhile, Zaskia puts her husband first. Although she really wants to have children, Zaskia said that she didn’t want to put aside what she had gotten from God, Mother.

“(Before having children) My priority is my husband. If Irwan is definitely family and me. We have never made it necessary to want to have children. But forget everything that God has given.”

“Because we are back again with studying, hearing a lot of studies, listening to ustaz as well, of course (about) how we have to surrender and leave everything to God,” added this mother of one child.

Meanwhile, until now Irwansyah still does not believe that he has become a father, Mother. Click read the next page, come on.

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