The theory that Jotaro vs Diavolo Who will win?

Jotaro Kujo is the grandson of Joseph Joster, which means Jotaro is also a descendant of Jonathan Joestar. Now in Jojo Part 5 or Golden Wind, Diavolo has to deal with Polnareff and the Bucciarati Gang. So this time, we want to make a theory that Jotaro fights Diavolo who will win.

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources and a few opinions. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

Here’s the theory of who will win if Jotaro fights Diavolo

1. Jotaro’s Basic Physique is Superior

Jotaro's Basic Physique is Superior
Jotaro’s Basic Physique Is Superior ©Hirohiko Araki, David Production

The first is that Jotaro excels in basic physique, so as we know Jotaro’s body is originally very big and muscular, although since entering Part 4 Araki has slightly improved the posture of each character.

Now from a physical point of view, it is clear that Jotaro won and of course his strength is also superior to Diavolo. Then Jotaro also excels in intelligence, that’s for sure

class="ez-toc-section" id="2-kemampuan-star-platinum-sangat-menguntungkan"/>2. Star Platinum Ability is Very Profitable

Star Platinum Abilities Are Very Profitable
Star Platinum Abilities Are Very Beneficial|©Hirohiko Araki, David Production

Next, Jotaro is superior because of the ability of his stand called Star Platinum. So Star Platinum is very fast, has good reflexes and eyesight, continues to have a strong attack and can stop time.


addition, Diavolo’s stand is slightly superior because it can skip time. But if the two of them fought, surely Jotaro could overcome this using Star Platinum’s ability to stop time if they faced each other.

class="ez-toc-section" id="3-jangan-lupakan-jaringan-mafia-diavolo"/>3. Don’t Forget the Diavolo Mafia Network

Don't Forget Diavolo Mafia Network |  Jotaro vs Diavolo
Don’t Forget the Diavolo Mafia Network©Hirohiko Araki, David Production

So if the previous 2 points were superior to Jotaro, then this one point seems to be superior to Diavolo. Because this character is a Mafia Boss, of course he has a lot of subordinates.

Even this one Mafia Boss is very difficult to find and he can find out the position of Polnareff and the Bucciarati Gang when they communicate with each other. So Diavolo could have searched for Jotaro’s whereabouts and immediately attacked the man when Jotaro was off guard.

class="ez-toc-section" id="4-star-platinum-requiem-terlahir"/>4. Star Platinum Requiem Is Born

Star Platinum Requiem Born |  Jotaro vs Diavolo
Star Platinum Requiem Is Born ©Hirohiko Araki, David Production

Then the Star Platinum Requiem will be born, so as we know ahead of Part 5. Giorno resurrects Golden Experience Requiem and make the Mafia boss lose so easily and very tormented.

So at that time Giorno used Requiem arrows on his stand because there was no other way. So if Jotaro was there, of course Polnareff and Gang Bucciarati would entrust the Requiem arrows to Jotaro and Star Platinum Requiem was born.

5. Jotaro Kujo Will Win?

Jotaro Kujo Definitely Wins
Kujo Definitely Wins|©Hirohiko Araki, David Production

In conclusion, how can Jotaro win? In our opinion, we can win if we take into account the physical strength of the two people and take into account the strength of their stand.

But if Diavolo manages to find Jotaro’s location first and Jotaro doesn’t know the ability of his opponent’s stand. It could be that the Mafia boss finished off Jotaro first.

That’s the theory that Jotaro fights Diavolo who will win. So, after reading this article, what do you think? Then if you want to get other important points, just comment.

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