The viral story of a student who met her twin on campus, how come, huh? – Student Zone – Maybe many people think about whether our twin really exists or is it just a myth. In fact, in the real world, twins are really real, even through the viral story of this student, we know more and more that there are people in the world who have twins.

This story will be reviewed by Mimin for Zone Friends who want to know how a female student met her twin in London.

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The story of the meeting of students who are both twins

Tik Tok Illustration (Photo: People’s Mind)

Launching from a teenager by the name of Amy Harriet shared her story on her Tik Tok account. The woman admitted that she met a student named Grace Castle and it turned out that she looked almost like her. The students who study in London admit that they have a pretty similar face. Even so similar, they both realized the similarities when they first met.

Amy sent her upload in a Tik Tok video that went viral with an account called @amyharrietx. In the video, he also confessed that he met his twin on campus.
The 19-year-old girl then showed her photos of their togetherness. It seems that they both have similar facial features, especially the color and texture of their hair is also the same.

“I seem to have run into a lost twin at university and now we are housemates. This is us. Why do we look the same?” he said.

In several other posts they also reveal other surprising things. It turns out that they both have one day different birthday.

“The weirdest thing is that our birthdays are a day apart,” Amy said.

This incident shocked netizens on Tik Tok and did not expect that there would be a story of a meeting of twin female students. From that story, until the netizens asked to do a DNA test on the two female students who were twins.

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The viral story of a student who met her twin on campus, how come, huh?

That’s the viral story of a student meeting with twins at a campus in London. Hopefully Mimin also finds her twin, amen.

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