The Widget Settings In Widget With AdSense Id Is Not Valid. An internal error occurred. Please try again.

This time I encountered a problem when I was making edits to the blogger’s html edit and found that it couldn’t be saved and an error message like this appeared.

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Error Problem

The widget settings in widget with id AdSense1 is not valid. An internal error occurred. Please try again.

or this

Adsense widget error

The widget settings in widget with id AdSense2 is not valid. An internal error occurred. Please try again.

in another case, the adsense numbering adjusts how many adsense widgets are installed on your blog, if there are 3 then there will be adsense3, if 4 there will be adsense4

The widget settings in widget with id <b>AdSense1</b> is not valid.  An internal error occurred.  Please try again.” border=”0″ data-original-height=”1000″ data-original-width=”1919″ src=”” title=”The widget settings in widget with id <b>AdSense1</b> is not valid.  An internal error occurred.  Please try again.”/></div>
<p>Are you having the same problem?</p>
<p><i>Don’t worry, I’ve found the cure!</i></p>
<p>It turns out that this issue stems from updating the blogger dashboard in the last few days and because of that blogger is also facing a different error.  Very common error that doesn’t allow you to save your theme when you modify your Blogger theme and try to save it, especially this RahmanCyber ​​v1 Magazine theme.</p>
<p>The error is: “The widget settings in the widget with id <b>AdSense1</b> are invalid. An internal error occurred. Please try again.”  It’s clear from the error it’s because of the AdSense widget in your theme.  This error occurs on blogs where Google AdSense ads are enabled.</p>
<h2 style=Root of Blogger Error

For some reason because of this Google AdSense widget Blogger doesn’t allow you to save your theme changes.

This error is a bit confusing too because sometimes it shows this error, but even though it shows the error it saves the changes you made, but sometimes it doesn’t save the theme changes that we did at all. A few days ago I saved it sometimes even though the error message appears.

Obviously… this is confusing!

For example, there are 2 cases. Case 1, if you make a CSS change or something like that, it will still show an error, but it will save the changes. Case 2, when you add conditional tags or enter some code in widget body, this error does not allow you to save changes.

Solution Mapping

There is a simple solution for this error:

1. Remove all Google AdSense widgets from Blogger Layouts one by one.
2. Modifying the theme, means making any changes we want to our theme or the code we want to add to our theme.
3. Save the theme. Now we will not get this error.
4. Once we are done changing the theme completely, go back to Blogger Layout and add the Google AdSense widget again.
5. Remember that removing the Google Adsense widget from this Blogger Layout does not disconnect us from the Google AdSense Program. We can add or remove as many Google AdSense widgets as we want.

How to remove Adsense widget?

There are 2 methods, the first method is using html edit, while the second method is using blogger layout

First Method,

Please go directly to Edit HTML, see HTML Editing Guide

After entering the Edit HTML, please look for the Adsense error, for example

adsense widget error

There it says adsense 1, so please ctrl + f, to do a search… after that type adsense1, according to the widget display that has an error in the warning box.

If so, then you will find a code like this.

remove adsense

Please delete the code as we circled it..

It starts with declaration adsense widget1until the closing tag /b:widgets

Usually it’s like that, each widget will be closed with /b:widgets You only need to sort the opening tags and closing tags so that there are no errors. For example, the picture, please understand carefully in the shortest possible time…

So that the work can be done quickly.

Second Method,

Via Layout.

The trick, go directly to the Blogger Dashboard

After that, select Layout, like this… sorry, I’m using an image that already existed before… but what is clear is like this.

Blogger layout

Just choose layoutIn the case of deleting the adsense widget… you just need to click the pencil icon on the adsense widget… then… after that, just click delete.

Do the same for other installed adsense widgets..

Remember this doesn’t mean you delete your adsense membership!

If so, please save.

If so, please add the Adsense widget back through the layout, not Edit HTML, okay?

Blogger layout

The way is like the picture above, you go to layout first, then new add gadget

Choose Adsense

Like this…

adsense widget

then like this…


Just save.. OK..

But if you have a problem like this…

The Adsense widget is not in the options, and when it goes to the Earnings Tab.. So it’s like this..

monet adsense

You can use the manual method, copy the ad code directly from Adsense.


Please select the desired ads unit.. I usually display ads.. responsive..

Add Display Responsive adsense

Like that.. then please copy and paste the code..


Like that.. then

Please go to Layout > Add Gadget

html widget

Then, please paste the code there, okay?

After that please save..

Wait a while, then it will appear by itself… Insyaallah…


That’s how we overcome The Widget Settings In Widget With AdSense Id Is Not Valid. An internal error occurred. Please try again. or adsense widget ERROR when save edit html.

Hopefully useful and don’t forget to eat!


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