These 2 Surprise Spider-Man Characters Are Filming Later

Turns out 2 surprise characters Spider-Man: No Way Home this, just did the shooting recently.

Okay, indeed when I wrote this, Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers already scattered a lot. However, I still appreciate some of you who may not have seen the film. So don’t be surprised by the title of the article and, SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t watched it.

So as we know, Spider-Man: No Way Home showing characters villain previous Spider-Man films such as Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Electro (Jamie Foxx), and Doc-Ock (Alfred Molina).

But in fact, not the characters villain contained in trailers that’s all that pops up. From the “old school” Spider-Man, this film, as we predicted from the start, also features 2 old Spider-Man characters: Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man) and Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man).

Just Signed After 2 Months of Filming

Surprise character Spider-Man: No Way Home
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No doubt when the two of them appeared, all the audience in the cinema immediately applauded excited

abysmal. Yes, who doesn’t miss seeing their latest appearance as the face of the Marvel net after almost 10 years?

What’s more, their comeback is not just for empty nostalgia or just passing through. Both are really treated as real supporting actors. Thus, making the whole fanboy old and new Spider-Man, to be very satisfied.

But don’t you know? Actually 2 surprise characters Spider-Man: No Way Home This is the shoot, did he even contact him when the film was already 2 months away? Yes, this was reported by the screenwriter of the film, Chris McKena, who recently had an interview with THR.


according to him 2 surprise characters Spider-Man: No Way Home has just agreed to sign a contract to appear in December 2020. While filming for this film itself has started in October 2020.

It’s been planned to appear from afar

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McKena also provides another unique fact regarding this matter. Although the two had not been contacted at that time, he and his co-writer, Erik Sommers, had written them both in the script long ago.

Even if at that time the two of them couldn’t perform, it wouldn’t be a problem for them either. The important thing is that McKena and Sommers have dared to dream about it.

Well, dreams come true right? Both Maguire and Garfield, both agreed to perform and in the end, satisfied all of us. Now, what do you think about this cool fact?

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