These 5 Dilemmas You Will Experience When You Hold a Bachelor’s Degree

These 5 Dilemmas You Will Experience When You Hold a Bachelor’s Degree

Have a bachelor’s degree, who is not proud? Whether it’s a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a psychology degree, or something else, you must be proud because getting it is not an easy matter.

Those of you who are currently or have been students, surely know that there is a long struggle and process behind a bachelor’s degree. Nugas until the morning, looking for books here and there, revising many times and much more… However, don’t forget that a bachelor’s degree is not only the result of your efforts, your studies, but also the result of the education of the lecturers and the prayers of loved ones around us.

Later, the experience as a student and the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree, will make you laugh, or even cry yourself when you remember it. A bachelor’s degree is not an ordinary degree. If lived seriously, the struggle behind it will train you to think wisely and act more mature.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, what next?

Life will lead you to things that are more complicated than thesis! Yup, to be able to “grade” you have to face the following choices.

1. Go home and serve VS Go out of town to pick up fortune.

For those of you who study abroad, this choice is usually a dilemma in itself. There are those who are supported by their families to stay out of town and continue to pursue their dreams, there are also those who are interested in returning to their hometowns and doing things according to their abilities.

Where do you want your bachelor’s degree to go? Is it coming home as a form of devotion to local children, or migrating to big cities to contribute to industrial progress?

If you choose to go home, what are your plans? What would you like to do to promote the progress of your area? If you want to go abroad, are you ready with this decision? What kind of opportunity the hell what are you really looking for? Does your little heart not want to go home and serve in its own area?

2. Continue studying VS Find a job

Hmm… how about it… go straight to S2 or work first? Generally, undergraduates will be divided into two main groups, namely those who decide to look for work and those who choose to study again at the Masters level. Both of course have their own advantages.

If you choose to continue your master’s degree with a different study program than before, it will help you expand your knowledge. If you choose to continue your master’s degree in a field that matches your undergraduate study program, you can deepen your knowledge.

In some scientific fields, the master’s level can also add skills and authority to take an action. For example, in the medical field, there is such a thing as Specialist Medical Education. By continuing to study in the program, a doctor can deepen his knowledge and focus on a specific field.

Another example, in psychology there is a master’s program called the Master of Professional Psychology. By taking this education, a psychology graduate will receive a master’s degree as well as the authority to practice as a psychologist.

Well, for those of you who prefer to go straight to work, you can actually continue to study how come. Learn from experience in the field and learn directly from the experts (from your boss at work). By working immediately after becoming a graduate, you can also quickly climb the career ladder, expand connections and save from salary.

3. Looking for a job VS Entrepreneur

Life after becoming a graduate is full of choices. After weighing your options between working and continuing your education, don’t forget that you still have other possibilities to consider. Creating jobs alias entrepreneurship!

Are you sure you don’t want to try? Yup, entrepreneurs are one of the coolest professions that are very contemporary. In recent years, many new businesses have been carried out by young people and have successfully attracted the attention of Indonesia and even the world.

For those of you who claim to be creative and like challenges, this is an option you need to consider. With entrepreneurship, you can create your own job and potentially create jobs for others.

4. How about an internship or training?

Not all graduates have a smooth path to work. The high number of undergraduates is not commensurate with the available jobs. Sometimes, the quality of graduates is also an obstacle for them to be accepted for work. Some companies complain that there is a mismatch between what they need and the skills that graduates can provide.

To minimize the gap between the company’s needs and the lack of skills, a graduate may consider taking training or joining an internship program. Both can be used as a stepping stone to strengthen our profile and self-worth so that we can win the competition

5. Married VS Single first

Graduated from college as an undergraduate, on average at the age of 22 or 23 years. According to the law, the age is old enough to get married. Especially those of you who already have a partner, do you also think of this as an option?

Of course, before making a decision, you need to ask yourself about your readiness to take on even higher responsibilities. Marriage is not just about uniting two loves, but also how you can keep it going.

These are some of the things that usually confuse scholars. Of course, every choice has its good and bad, there are benefits and there are consequences. How about you? Have you made careful consideration before making a choice?

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