These 6 Bathroom Ceramic Models Make You Feel At Home and Fun

The bathroom is one of the rooms that is often visited besides the bedroom. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the bathroom so that it is kept clean so that it will make you comfortable while in the bathroom. Moreover, ceramics or bathroom floors are often the foothold. This ceramic requires extra attention so that it is not slippery. If the bathroom tiles are slippery and uncomfortable to look at, you will definitely feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable while in the bathroom.

In addition, the selection of ceramics is also needed so that the bathroom looks attractive and beautiful so that it makes it comfortable. With a beautiful and clean bathroom, of course, it will make you feel at home to linger in the bathroom.

Here, will present 6 Bathroom Ceramic Models It Turns Out to be Comfortable and Fun that you can imitate and make inspiration for your bathroom.

Monochrome Hexagonal Bathroom Ceramic Model

Ceramic models with hexagonal or hexagonal shapes are not new and are very popular among the people. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the pattern and color you choose for the bathroom. You can use white if you want your minimalist bathroom to look wider. In addition, choose a glossy hexagonal ceramic so that it can reflect the light in the bathroom.


can also combine the white color of this hexagonal ceramic with black on other furniture, so the bathroom will not seem monotonous and make you feel at home in the bathroom.

Natural-looking Wooden Bathroom Ceramic Model

To give a natural impression to the bathroom, you can use a neutral colored ceramic model and combine it with water-repellent wood. The bathroom that separates the wet and dry areas looks clean with the use of clear glass insulation. In dry areas, you can install a medium mirror so that this minimalist-sized bathroom area looks bigger. Laying green plants in the corner of the room can also add freshness to the bathroom.


Stone Bathroom Ceramic Model

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Using ceramics with models of natural stone can also beautify the bathroom design. In addition, by using ceramics made from natural stone, it will add freshness to the bathroom, so that the atmosphere is more natural and pleasant. The dominant color of natural stone is dark, it doesn’t feel gloomy when combined with white furniture and elements made of wood. Guaranteed, you will feel more comfortable while in the bathroom.

Scandinavian Style Bathroom Model

Using the Scandinavian style in the bathroom makes the atmosphere feel calm. With a floor that uses brightly colored ceramic tiles, and also a bathroom wall that uses wood as the material, it gives a natural feel to the bathroom. In addition, the sink and storage are made floating on the side of the bathroom, making the bathroom comfortable and pleasing to the eye. And with the right arrangement, making the bathroom has enough space.


Marble Bathroom Ceramic Model

Using a beautiful and sparkling marble ceramic model makes the bathroom more fun. With the dominant pink color in this bathroom design, it creates a feminine impression and is very suitable for women to feel at home in the bathroom and linger. Combined with storage under the sink using wood material, it gives a natural touch that is displayed in the bathroom.

Floral Bathroom Ceramic Model

Bathroom ceramic models that use tiles with floral patterns, make the bathroom look beautiful. With the bathroom walls using white ceramic patterned and glossy, making the bathroom look more spacious. In addition, you can give a touch of gold or gold to the bathroom so that the bathroom looks more elegant and luxurious. Of course, with the right and good settings, making the bathroom pleasing to the eye so that it makes you feel at home for long in the bathroom.


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