These 7 Threatened Writings in Putri’s Kosan Make Horrible and Funny at the same time, Anything the same? – Student Zone – Being a student who has to wander and live in boarding houses means that you have to be able to mingle and tolerate one another. Moreover, almost all facilities are intended for the public, so it is not permissible to use them arbitrarily.

There are several rules, warnings, and even threats from one resident of the boarding house to another that make us laugh too much, rub our chests, and get emotional because we read it. Here are the writings.

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Just like Chat on WhatsApp

10 Announcements at Kos Putri that are Full of Threats but Seriously Funny!
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: IDN Times)

This article contains that the residents of the female boarding house please keep each other calm in a quiet way. In fact, until someone suggested to stay in the forest alone. Wow, the feud is there.

Looks like Syar’i boarding house

10 Rules of Dismissing in This Boarding House Make You Laugh and Disappoint
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: IDN Times)

Actually this article is very ridiculous, but yes it’s true. Because, if a man and a woman are in the same room, they are afraid that something unwanted will happen or become the subject of gossip for other boarding house residents.

Even a thief has to think a thousand times

Funny Abis!  These 8 boarding house rules will make you laugh, some of you want to be sacrificed!  -
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: Tribunnews)

The easy target for thieves or thieves is mostly boarding houses. Because, many of the belongings of the boarding house occupants were abandoned on the front porch. For example, helmets, shoes, motorcycles, and so on. But, why mention Sumatran children? Why do you think?

If you want skincare, have a look

10 Warning posts on this girl's boarding house are funny, auto noisy
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: Brilio)

skincare-an or skin care has become an integral part of women. They can do it anywhere and anytime. In this women’s boarding house there is an inscription that eating utensils, such as bowls and plates are used for containers for face masks. Hmm, I think it’s either tight or you really don’t want to buy it.

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Apparently Abusing Status

Funny Warning Photo No Stealing in Kos-Kosan
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: Tandaseru)

Then, this one article is a little sensitive, maybe hehehe. If you wanted to be a thief, you could just become a victim of Sumatran children, while here there are orphans. Hmmwhat do you think?

Where is the Indomie Child’s Voice?

Wow!  8 rules for boarding houses make you laugh, some are prayed for in hell - Page 3 -
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: Tandaseru)

As a boarding house child, I already have a close relationship with instant noodles, especially Indomie. In fact, it seems that it has become a staple food as it approaches its old age. At first, I ate at a cafe or restaurant, right? It takes longer to go to warteg, stalls, even instant noodles and promag.

Suspicious Boy Scouts

Children of the boarding house should be familiar with these 15 writings.  Which Makes Hot-Cold?
Picture of boarding house writing (Photo: Hipwee)

And the last one is quite unique, because it memorizes all the bells of the boarding house residents. Even between one another differ in terms of long or short defense. Maybe later there will be no need to wonder who it is who came. It’s creative too.

These 7 Threatened Writings in Putri’s Kosan Make Horrible and Funny at the same time, Anything the same?

That’s a review of several writings in the form of threats in the daughter’s boarding house that are horrific and funny at the same time. Have you ever come across something like this, too?

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of information about students and the world of lectures and turn on notifications. See you later.

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