These are 7 hidden natural attractions in Jogja

Yogyakarta or often called Jogja is a tourist destination that has a lot of interesting objects. From historical relics such as Taman Sari, the center for handicraft traders in Malioboro, to Parangtritis Beach which has a magical feel. If you are tired of traveling in the city and are looking for info on hidden nature-themed tourist attractions around in Jogja, keep reading this article!

Jogja is a city that is a destination for tourists from various places, both domestic and foreign. This place offers a variety of attractions that have cultural and historical value. But not only cultural tourism, it turns out that there are also natural tourist attractions in the area around Jogja that are a pity to miss.

Some natural tourist attractions that must be visited in Jogja, for example Pindul Cave, Mount Merapi, or Parangtritis Beach. But the natural attractions in Jogja are not only that, there are many beautiful places that have not been visited by many tourists.

To visit natural attractions in Jogja, you should prepare a private vehicle. Because it is located in a district, such as Sleman, Gunung Kidul, Kulon Progo, or Bantul. Meanwhile, buses or public transportation has not been able to reach this area.

These areas have many natural objects that are still rarely exposed and visited by people. So, the atmosphere is still beautiful and natural, perfect for relaxing for a moment and introspecting yourself. Curious about anything? Keep checking this article!

1. Ancient Forest at the Bottom of Jomblang Cave

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jomblang Cave

Jetis Wetan, Paddyjo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul Regency
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Every day: 08.00 – 14.00 WIB


If you visit Jogja and are looking for natural attractions around Gunung Kidul, try visiting Jomblang Cave. To get to this place, you need to walk first about 500 meters from the parking lot. The path that is traversed is also not a smooth path, so prepare proper shoes to protect your feet.

There is actually no entrance ticket to this area, but you must first get permission from the local person in charge. The cost that you will incur is to hire a guide and safety rope. For guide and rope rental rates, you will be charged Rp. 450,000.

karst cave This vertical shape has a depth of up to 60 meters and at the bottom there are types of trees that have grown since ancient times. To reach the bottom, you need to be lowered by a guide using ropes and safety. If you have an adventurous spirit, you will love this place

2. Seasonal Waterfall at Curug Setawing

Source: Instagram – septianhemawan29

Setawing Waterfall

Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency,
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Every day: 08.00 – 14.00 WIB


If you want to visit cheap natural attractions in Jogja, try visiting Curug Setawing. This waterfall or waterfall is located in the Kulon Progo area, close to another waterfall object, namely Grojogan Sewu. This tourist attraction does not charge an entrance ticket, but you are charged a parking fee of two thousand rupiah.

The scenery at Curug Setawing is very beautiful, with a waterfall that soars up to 45 meters and a shady area. You can also play at the bottom of the waterfall safely because the water is not too deep.

Behind its beauty, please note that Curug Setawing is a waterfall that only appears in certain months, namely during the rainy season. Meanwhile, in the dry season, this place will only become a rock cliff.

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3. The view at Becici Peak, Dlingo

Source: Instagram – liaaagstnn

Becici Peak

Gunungcilik, RT.07/RW.02, Mt. Cilik, Muntuk, Dlingo, Bantul
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Every day: 08.00 – 14.00 WIB


Want to enjoy the panoramic view of the northern part of Jogja? If so, try visiting the Becici Peak tourist spot in Dlingo, Bantul. The location of this place is in a pine forest area, so the temperature is cool even if you come during the day.

This place offers panoramic views and a calm natural atmosphere. If you like taking pictures for social media, in this area there are many locations that are suitable for taking pictures. However, if you just want to enjoy the forest atmosphere, here you can rent a hammock for Rp. 20,000 per two hours.

For those of you who are coffee fans, around this place there is also a coffee shop that serves delicious drinks. So you can enjoy nature in peace while sipping warm coffee, which other favor would you deny?

To visit this place you do not need to pay an entrance ticket. It’s just that, you will be charged a parking fee of Rp. 2000 per motorbike, Rp. 5000 per car, and Rp. 20.000 for the bus.

4. The Combination of Art and Nature at Kedung Watu

Source: Instagram – anagatourjogja

Kedung Watu

Brongkol, Argodadi, Sedayu, Bantul
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Every day: 06.00 – 19.00 WIB


If you want to feel the serenity of nature while enjoying a work of art, then Kedung Watu is the right place to visit. Kadung Watu, located in Brongkol, Bantul, has a clear river and a cool atmosphere. Very nice to relax or swim in the river.

This tourist attraction is managed by local residents, including decorating the river with piles of stones. This art of stacking stones without the aid of adhesives is called rock balancing. So, besides being able to relax, you can also take pictures with beautiful artworks here.

Entrance to this place is free, you only need to pay for parking. The parking fee in this place is Rp. 2000 per motorbike and Rp. 5000 per car.

5. Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Nglanggeran Wetan, Nglanggeran, Patuk, Gunung Kidul Regency
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Daily: 24 Hours

IDR 15,000/person

If you are looking for a natural tourist spot in Jogja that you can visit at night, try climbing the Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano. The hiking trail in this place is quite easy and relatively short. In just 2-3 hours, you can reach the top of the mountain and camp there.

In this place there are no food or drink vendors on the hiking trail and at the peak. So prepare supplies in advance, but remember to be wise in disposing of your trash.

It is more advisable to climb at night, because the top of this mountain is just hard rock with a little overgrown with trees. So, it will be very hot if you hike during the day. In addition, if you hike at night and camp at the top, you can watch the sun rise in a very beautiful place.

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6. Mabur Watu Cliff

Source: Instagram – makeupeptia

Mabu Watu Cliff

Mangunan, RT.28, Lemahbang, Dlingo, Valley Bang, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Every day: 05.00 – 18.00 WIB


The Watu Mabur Cliff area is a natural tourist spot located in the Dlingo area, Bantul. This place offers a beautiful panorama from the top of a steep cliff. From this place, you can see views of the Oyo River and Gunung Kidul.

The sunrise view from this place is very beautiful. Besides that, because the land is flat, you can camp here as long as you get permission from the local person in charge. You can camp at night, then wake up just as the sun rises. If you have a hobby of photography, especially taking pictures of natural panoramas, maybe you will like this place.

To be able to take pictures in this area, you only need to pay for parking of Rp. 2000 per motorbike and Rp. 5000 per car. But, if you want to camp, you must first get permission from the local residents.

To get to this place, the route you have to take is quite easy. Because, Mangunan is a tourist area that is quite developed. So you can also visit other tourist locations after the Watu Mabur Cliff.

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7. Curug Pulosari, a hidden beautiful waterfall

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pulosari waterfall

Krebet, Sendangsari, Display, Krebet, Sendangsari, Kec. Bantul, Bantul
Special Region of Yogyakarta

Every day: 07.00 – 18.00 WIB


If you are a person who likes challenges, try coming to Curug Pulosari. This natural tourist spot is located far from the city of Jogja, namely in Krebet Village, Pajangan, Bantul Regency. Not only that, you also have to pass through a steep path and steep rocks from the vehicle parking lot.

But don’t be discouraged, the difficulty of visiting this place will pay off as soon as you reach the waterfall. The ponds and waterfalls in this place are very beautiful, the trees around the pond are also very shady.

The best time to visit this place is during the change of seasons. In the rainy season, the soil will be mixed with water so that the color is not clear. Meanwhile in the dry season, the water will decrease so the pool is shallow.

You will not be charged an entrance fee when entering this area, you only need to pay for parking of Rp. 2000 per motorbike and Rp. 5000 per car. You will be asked for donations from time to time for maintenance and cleaning, but that is not an obligation.

Prepare Time and Explore Hidden Natural Tourist Places in Jogja

How? Have you been challenged to go on an adventure to visit hidden natural attractions in Jogja? From the list above, is there anything that catches your eye? If so, what are you waiting for, take the time and invite your friends to make the trip more exciting.

If none of your friends want to come along, don’t be sad. Jogja is a place visited by many tourists, both local and foreign. Who knows, by traveling alone you may find new friends.

Plus, there are lots of other things to do while you’re still visiting the city of Jogja. You can stop by other attractions such as Palace Yogyakarta or Malioboro. You can also try the city’s signature coffee drink, Kopi Joss. Happy holiday!

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