These are the Benefits of Object Storage that All Developers Should Know

Storage is one of the keys to a system, storage is a place where data is stored, along with the times and current technological advances object storage is a new thing in the world of cloud computing, but what is it really? object storage? What’s the use like? are there any limitations or limitations?

This time we will get to know more about object storage and its advantages.

Object storage or object-based storage is a general term that refers to the way we organize and work with storage units called objects, each object contains three components:

  1. The data itself. The data can be whatever you want to save from family photos, music videos, html files, php or whatever.
  2. Metadata contains contextual information about what data is, what it is used for, its confidentiality, or other matters relevant to the data used
  3. The global unique identifier is the address assigned to the object so that the object will find it in a distributed system. This way, it can find the data without having to know the physical location of the data (which could be in different parts of the data center or different parts in different parts of the world).

id="apa-kelebihan-object-storage-dari-block-storage">What excess Object Storage dari Block Storage?

In Block Storage, files will be divided into blocks of the same size and each has its own address but in block storage files do not have additional information such as metadata to provide more context for the block, usually block storage is used in storage that has a large workload.

Object storage, on the other hand, doesn’t split files into blocks of data raw, but instead becomes an object containing data, metadata, and a unique identifier. There is no limit on the type or amount of metadata on, which makes object

storage scalable. Metadata can include anything from information, file tags to file security classifications. The image storage system on Facebook or songs on Spotify has used object storage that many users may not be aware of.

id="masalah-apa-yang-dapat-diselesaikan-oleh-object-storage">What problems can Object Storage solve?

Object Stotage is ideal for solving data growth problems. As more and more data is generated, the storage system must grow at the same rate. What happens when you try to expand a storage-based system? block storage beyond a hundred terabytes or beyond a few petabytes? Maybe you will experience durability problems, limitations with the storage infrastructure that you currently have.

Troubleshoot procurement management issues if your storage occupancy exceeds the limit.

Object storage is very efficient if you want to store data that is important but not often used like data transaction last month even last year, backup data as well archieving

Another advantage of using object storage is that the data remains protected, if one or more nodes fail, the data can still be available using the system. cluster. Object storage can protect data from hardware failure, bad sectors. Object storage is designed and distributed for high availability and durability

id="workload-pada-object-storage">Workload on Object Storage

Object Storage is very efficient for data that is generally often read and rarely written, such as content Static websitebackup data and archived images, and multimedia (videos, pictures, or music).

Object Storage supports extended metadata for efficient distribution which makes it ideal for performing back-end cluster transfers in multiple data center.