These are the Masters of Controlling the Four Elements of Aang’s Avatar

Over the course of three seasons, Avatar: The Legend of Aang shows how Aang as the Avatar must learn the four basic elements. In addition to aiming for world balance, it also stops the war that is happening in its time.

Aang is an airbender. So, in order to learn the remaining three elements, he must travel with his friends to find a teacher to study the three elements.

Who will be Aang’s teacher while learning the three elements that he hasn’t mastered yet? Dafunda will present a list of characters who are masters of elemental control for Aang.

Master of Control of the Four Elements Avatar of Aang

1. Water Release – Master Pakku & Katara

Master Pakku & Katara |  Nickelodeon
Master Pakku & Katara | Nickelodeon

During their journey to the north pole, Aang and Katara together practice their waterbending. Katara’s abilities at that time were still not as great as we know today. So to say, Katara has not become a teacher to Aang.


at the north pole, Aang and Katara studied with Master Pakku. However, because Aang was not serious during his studies, Katara managed to surpass Aang’s waterbending after Book: Water.

Master Pakku then relies on Katara to be Aang’s teacher once Book: Earth begins. However, apparently, we don’t see many scenes of Katara teaching Aang because Book: Earth also focuses on finding Aang’s earthbending teacher.

2. Earth Element – ​​Master Yu & Toph

Master Yu & Toph |  Nickelodeon
Yu & Toph | Nickelodeon

It is true that Toph became the sole earthbending teacher for Aang. But before they met Toph, Aang first took Master Yu’s earthbending class in one of the cities of the earth kingdom.


Aang felt that Master Yu was not the person he was looking for, Aang left the class and went back to looking for the person he thought was right. Until finally, they met Toph and later became the sole teacher for Aang.

Even though Toph was about the same age as Aang, she didn’t hesitate to teach him hard. Even as a result of Toph’s words, Aang had lost his confidence until he managed to get up and was able to master it.

3. Fire Element – ​​Jeong Jeong & Zuko

Jeong Jeong & Zuko |  Nickelodeon
Jeong & Zuko | Nickelodeon

Jeong Jeong is one of the commanders of the Fire Nation soldiers in the past. But became an escape because he was fed up with what his country was doing. In the past, he was asked by Avatar Roku to teach the next Avatar firebending.

Jeong Jeong met Aang who became Roku’s reincarnation at a lake. At first, he refused to teach Aang because Aang did not yet understand what firebending was and Aang had not mastered the other elements.

After briefly refusing, Jeong Jeong then agreed to teach Aang. At one point, Aang managed to master his firebending. But because of his carelessness, he burned Katara’s hand and didn’t want to do it again.

Aang had not yet shown his firebending until when Zuko joined their group. Intention to become a teacher, Zuko also had time to lose control for a moment. But managed to return it again and became Aang’s training partner.

4. Energybending – Lion Tortoise

Energybending |  Nickelodeon
| Nickelodeon

In fact, Aang had never studied this branch of control. Everything just happened by chance. When Aang suddenly seemed to get a call which turned out to be a Lion Tortoise who in the past gave power to humans.

Aang, who at that time told his lament about the pressure he was feeling. At that time, the Lion Tortoise gave Aang a little knowledge (or you could say his power).

Aang became the first Avatar to master this ability. By holding onto his enemy’s forehead and chest, he is able to take away a person’s restraint ability. As we saw when he fought Ozai in the last arc of The Legend of Aang.

Those were the elemental masters who taught Avatar Aang. Even though Aang wasn’t a great controller at that time, mastering all three elements as well as energybending in such a short time was an extraordinary feat.

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