Things You Should Do Before Quitting Your Job and Starting Your Own Business

Things You Should Do Before Quitting Your Job and Starting Your Own Business

For most people, being an entrepreneur is a very pleasant dream where one can manage everything on their own, be the boss, not be tied to boring routines and achieve time and financial freedom.

In addition, surveys prove that more people hate their jobs than not. This makes some people start swerving to start their own business.

In this article, will share what things should be done before leaving your job. If you’re still confused about where to start, this is the right guide.

The following are some things that must be prepared before quitting your job and starting a business:

1. Hating your job doesn’t mean you’re an entrepreneur

Some employees think that if they hate working for other people, it means that there is an inner drive that indicates that person is more suitable as an entrepreneur. Some cases may be true, but most are not.

Identify in advance why you are sick of working. Maybe it’s because of your boss, because the place to work is not comfortable, because of bad company bureaucracy or other things. Identify all of these before jumping to conclusions you hate working.


you decide to start a business because there are things that are not pleasant at the company, it is better to fix the problem first. Perhaps you will be able to improve the company much more in the future.

If you stop working because you are tired of working, it doesn’t mean that all entrepreneurial activities are fun jobs. You have to face problems that are even more difficult and exhausting than employees.


a business owner, you will be required to do many things such as marketing, production, and distribution. Unlike employees who generally do only one thing.

If you can say, the transfer from employees to employers is also a transfer problem. Which problem can you take and “enjoy” in the future. If you are able to deal with problems such as difficulty opening branches, recruiting employees, promotions, recording cash flow, finding suitable business partners, complaints from consumers, errors in calculating capital, losses in business, potential for bankruptcy and others then you deserve to start a business. If not, realize that maybe work problems are not as severe as the problems in entrepreneurship.


Identify your skills and expertise

Remember to start a business from what you are good at, not what you like. If you master the skills, knowledge and have a social network related to the business you want to run, then that is much better.

A brilliant business idea is not much better than a simple business idea that is really mastered. So if you want to start a business, you can look at yourself, what you are good at to support a business.

If you start a business because a business is trending, looks cool and profitable but is not accompanied by your skills, it will often end up falling apart or at least spending a large enough capital to survive.


if you do not really master a business, look for a mentor who guides you. You no longer need to face trial errors that drain time, energy, thought and large capital. If it is not possible to get a mentor, look for a business partner who understands the ins and outs of a business with a profit-sharing or salary scheme.

3. Make your business a side at the beginning

I highly recommend minimizing the risk as small as possible. So as much as possible the business is run while working. If you let go of a job, one day if you need venture capital, you no longer have money, living on savings is quite risky for a businessman.

If you quit your job and start a business, there will be enormous pressure to succeed and a great fear of failure, which influences later decision-making. By having a source of income from work, will help you much more clearly in thinking. If your business conditions are able to produce, then you can quit your job and focus on taking care of the business you are running.


Collecting capital

Before starting a business, you must have more capital than needed. More than needed is intended so that unexpected things can be minimized and fast-paced budget planning can be anticipated.

If you decide to leave the company and start your own business, the capital includes your personal monthly costs, your family (if any) and dependents for the business operations you want to run.

Regarding capital, I strongly recommend choosing either saving or cooperation with returns. I absolutely do not recommend starting a business with debt. If you start a business from debt then you start from minus not from zero.

5. Networking

Before running a business that you want to run, try to build a network first by contacting or looking for people who have been involved or have been successful in the business.

You can follow the community related to the business, establish relationships with people related to the products or services to be offered and others.

Find them by looking for them on the internet, in the community, neighbors, at the office and wherever you can find them.

6. Try to invite cooperation with the boss

The founders of Tokopedia and Starbucks used this method to start their business. William Tanuwijaya tried to convince his boss of Tokopedia’s idea. Then his boss gave acquaintances to his friends, in short he got investors who wanted to invest in Tokopedia.

Starbucks boss Howard Schultz, invited his boss to create a franchise system for his coffee shop. But his old boss wasn’t that interested. Eventually Howard Schultz asked permission to manage the Starbucks franchise himself.

You can also imitate them by getting your boss involved. They are more knowledgeable in terms of managing a big business and have acquaintances with other big businessmen who might be able to help you later when starting a business.

Things You Should Do Before Quitting Your Job and Starting Your Own Business


Remember starting a business is not as easy as the story that most of us hear: quitting a job or dropping out of college and then building a business and becoming successful and rich. The reality is that most businesses are not like that.

Horror stories like that really motivate many people to keep fighting in their business, but don’t get carried away with quick thoughts of success in business. Often business is not as beautiful as it sounds.

It takes a high dedication at the beginning. The law of sowing and reaping is the same as the law of gravity, it is indisputable. So when starting a business, be patient. You cannot plant corn a week after sowing. Everything requires a process and enjoy the process.

Hopefully what has been conveyed above can be input, consideration and provide insight before actually starting a business later.