This celebgram has 21 children in a year, spends IDR 2.7 billion on caregivers


Kristina Ozturk is just 24 years old. However, this woman from Russia, who is also known as a celebrity, is already the mother of 21 children.

Kristina is married to a millionaire hotel owner named Galip Ozturk (57). She met her husband while on vacation in Georgia. Kristina really wants to have 105 children from her millionaire husband, Mother.

This Russian couple also decided to use the services of surrogate mother or a surrogate mother to be able to have children. Reported Daily Mailat least they have spent around IDR 2.7 billion to pay surrogate mother during the period March 2020 to July 2021.

Not only that, Kristina and Galip also hired 16 caregivers to help them. Both spend around IDR 1.3 billion a year to pay the salaries of 16 nannies or babysitters who live at home.

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In addition to having 21 children from surrogate mother, Kristina actually has a daughter from a previous relationship. The only child named Vika is 6 years old, Mother.

Even though she employs 16 caregivers, Kristina still takes care of her 21 children. The portrait of her togetherness with them is often shared by Kristina on Instagram.

“I was with the kids all the time, doing all the things moms usually do,” Kristina says.

Kristina and her husband live with their children in the third floor house. The two of them decided to use surrogate mother because they want to quickly have many children.

The couple’s first child, Mustafa, was born on March 10, 2020. Meanwhile, their last child, Judy, was born only a few months apart from her first sister.

Kristina is actually planning to get pregnant, Mother. However, this 24-year-old woman decided to postpone it because she wanted to focus on taking care of her 21 children.

“I’m planning a pregnancy, but not in the near future because for now, I want to be close to my babies,” Kristina said. Mirrors.

“It’s hard being a mother to 21 children when you’re pregnant,” she continued.

Being a mother of 21 children is not an easy task. Then how does Kristina feel when she is with her children? How much does he usually spend taking care of them huh?

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