This is Realme’s Prime Laptop, You Must Have!

This is Realme's Prime Laptop, You Must Have!

Realme Prime Laptop – If you hear smartphone brands on this one, of course you are already familiar with the name Realme. Yep!

Expanding its existence since 2018, this digital company based in China has successfully attracted the interest of users smartphone by providing a variety of devices that are not only good in terms of quality and appearance, but the price is also quite pocket-friendly.

Carrying jargon dare to leapRealme is certainly increasing its aggressiveness in competing with brands others even though the company under the auspices of Sky Li is still relatively young.

Therefore, in the middle of 2021, Realme kicked off international market by presenting devices laptop. Whoa!

This is Realme's Prime Laptop, You Must Have!

Laptop The premiere issued by Realme is dedicated to users in meeting various needs, such as processing editing video, graphic design to programming which of course requires a device with good specifications and has been done upgrade.

In fact, Realme claims that its latest device has many advantages when compared to Android phones laptop from brand The leading company, namely the Macbook Air made by the Apple company.

From weight to thickness laptop, a device called the Realme Book presents a thinner dimension and is certainly very light to carry anywhere. More curious? Let’s take a peek at the specifications of the Realme Book, friend!

1. Screen and Body

realme prime laptop

As previously explained, Realme seems to want to give a better touch to the product laptop them by providing comparisons to Macbook Air products. The Realme Book weighs only 1.38 kg with a diameter of 14.9 mm.

In addition, the screen from the Realme Book is also the most superior because it has a size of 14 inches with a resolution of up to 2160 x 1440 and the highest brightness level reaches 400 nits, of course capable of displaying clearer and sharper graphics when viewing images and videos.

body of laptop Realme Book has two color variants that you can choose, namely Real Gray and Real Blue. For size, each of laptop The Realme Book measures 307.21 mm (length), 228.96 mm (width), and height (14.9 mm).

The storage media from the Realme Book is 256/512 GB with the PCIe SS type. For connectivity, laptop this one is equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth.

As for charging, Realme Book also claims that it only takes 30 minutes, the battery can be charged up to 50%, you know! This is because the large battery capacity reaches 54Wh with a 65 Watt adapter.

3. Realme’s Prime Laptop Equipped with Slick Features

realme prime laptop

An additional feature that you can find on the Realme Book is Stereo Surround Sound by DTS which produces sound through audio speakers very good quality.

In addition, design super slim By utilizing aluminum as the main material, the 3-Mode Backlight Keyboard makes touchpad wider, to the PC Connect which is able to display multiple displays at one time.

The Realme Book device starts at Rp. 11,399,000 and you have got a complete package of a laptop in supporting your activities to the fullest. If you have “tasted” the performance of the Realme Book, you can really do a brief review of your experience through website.

The information you reviewed in website Personally, it will certainly help many people when they want to buy this device or not.

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