This is the clarification of the viral man who doesn’t want to pay for the COD package – Student Zone – Recently, a video circulated of a man from Muara Tembesi buying goods using the Cash On Delivery (COD) system. In the video, he doesn’t want to pay for the package and instead gets angry with the courier.

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Using COD Payment System

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The man who went viral in the video named Amzri (33) is a resident of Ampelu Village RT 05, Muara Tembesi District, Batanghari.

Amzri was angry and insisted he did not want to pay for the package to the courier. He admitted that the shoes were from social media through advertisements that appeared on his social media account page.

“I ordered shoes through advertisements that aired on social media accounts. I just filled in my identity and then chose the COD payment system,” said Amzi.

Amzri uses the COD payment system, receive money first before getting the purchased item. The goods arrived on Tuesday (9/2/2021) around 16.00 WIB by a courier named Noval.

“Before this Noppal, yesterday had come to the house, but I am no longer at home, there are only the builders. My handyman said, ‘someone delivered the package earlier, he said it was rude, boss,’ said Amzri.

Later, Amzri shared that the package of shoes he received was not the right size.

“This is Bang’s package (the courier said), I saw the box is size 40, this is wrong. I ordered size 39. I returned the package, the item didn’t fit, I ordered size 39, which arrived size 40 in a box, “said Amzri.

Deciding to Take the Middle Way

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Then, the courier said that according to the procedure, the goods that arrived had to be paid for. At that time, there was an argument between the buyer and the courier. Amzri was adamant and wanted to receive the goods first.

“I told the courier that we will take the middle way, because I can still use size 40, then I told my wife, ‘Dek, take Rp. 360,999. After I opened the box, it turned out that the sizes on the shoes were different again, so 41, here I insist that I don’t want to pay and return it to the courier, “said Amzri.

As a result, the video received a lot of negative responses from netizens. Amzri actually responded casually. According to him, the right of citizens to comment on him.

“As a business person, I respond to netizens who comment that it’s their right. Please what he wants to say, but I ask for one, don’t be too blasphemous. Look for a better language,” said Amzri.

Amzri said that when there were blasphemous words he kept and refused to respond.

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Courier Response

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Noppal Surdi (26) is the courier in the video. When delivering the package to Muara Tembesi he will receive cash of IDR 360,999, because the sale is through the COD payment system.

Consumers who are known to have received packages in the form of shoes at that time insisted on unpacking the package without paying for it first. After knowing the shoes received were size 41, but ordered size 39.

Then, Amzri reorganized the package and handed it back to the courier to return it to his shop. He was seen recording the consumer secretly. The reason is, the consumer did not accept it because the size of the shoes he ordered through an online shop did not match.

“Don’t open the package first, sir, if you don’t want to pick it up,” said Noppal Surdi.

Noppal said he had informed him that the order through the COD system was money first before the goods were delivered.

“I ordered size 39 in a box of size 40, then shoes were size 41. It can’t be like this,” said the consumer to Noppal Surdi at the time.

Noppal Surdi admitted that he wanted to make peace with the incident, but the customer and his wife came to the house in good faith.

“I have brought the package to the office for processing, thankfully it can be sent again,” said Noppal Surdi to the Tribune when met at his workplace.

Noppal said for this incident he hopes that consumers who choose goods must be wise.

“Everyone knows, if you want to complain, don’t go to the courier, take the package first, then complain to the store,” he continued.

This is the clarification of the viral man who doesn’t want to pay for the COD package

That’s a review regarding the clarification of a man who doesn’t want to pay for a COD package. Noppal as the parcel courier said that from this incident he hoped that consumers would be wiser in choosing goods. In addition, choose a marketplace whose accounts are verified.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep up-to-date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification updates. See you later!

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