This is the Exact Reason, Why You Should Learn Python Programming Language

If in the mobile world there is #TeamAndroid vs #TeamIphonethen di programming language there is #teamPHP vs #timPython. Well, we’re not going to argue between PHP and Python believe me. Hal it will never run out!

If we refer to a survey from Advancing Technology for Humanity, Python is ranked first in terms of the number of users after the previous year was in third position.

*sorry PHP and Java, you lost to Python

Actually, we think this rating is a reasonable thing. If you like to play on the web headhunterso there are many companies that require their prospective employees to master the programming language which has the basic colors of blue and yellow.

Yahoo, IBM, Nokia, Google, Disney, NASA, Mozilla are some of the big companies that use it. And it’s not just for international companies. Many Indonesian companies or even startups use Python as their back end.

Those of you who like to play on forums must be familiar with this meme:

Simple isn’t it? You don’t need this and that to create a Hello World! program. This is in keeping with the Python tagline

Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively“.

Some of the advantages of Python are:

  1. Own library very abundant.
  2. Repositories are increasingly mushrooming in github.
  3. Can be run in Linux, Mac, Windows and includes mobile devices.
  4. Through certain mechanisms, Python can be integrated with C/C++, and so can the development of the .NET Framework.
  5. Python is widely used to create various kinds of programs, such as: CLI programs, GUI (desktop) programs, Mobile Applications, Web, IoT, Games.

In the end, each programming language has its own advantages. however, with all the advantages above, we believe it will be very useful if you start using Python. So, where should I start if I want to learn Python?

Well, in the next article, we will write about basic guide to using Python. Prepare yourself yes! ️