This is the Key to Successful Culture Transformation at BRI

This is the Key to Successful Culture Transformation at BRI

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk continues to carry out transformation by focusing on two areas, namely digital transformation and digital transformation culture. This transformation is in line with the roadmap formulated in BRIvolution 2.0.

BRI President Director Sunarso in BRILian Leadership Insight some time ago explained that corporate culture is part of corporate strategy. Therefore, it is the duty of a leader to ensure culture company so that it can be an incentive for all BRILian people (BRI employees) to give their best performance.

keyi BRI Transformation

Sunarso gave insightits about how to transform culture BRI can run successfully, here is the full explanation:

First, commitment. All employees (Brilliant Personnel) are committed to digital transformation and culture.

Second, all employees sincerely implement corporate culture AKHLAK in the pattern of thought, pattern of attitude, pattern of action and even the pattern of facilities (infrastructure and systems needed to build a corporate culture).

Third, culture is a collective product, cannot be bought, so it should not be used as a commodity to be traded.

Fourth, corporate culture is part of corporate strategythen it is the duty of a leader to design effective collective behavior to achieve the company’s common goals. And that’s the essence of corporate culture.

Then, Leader must define key behaviors that all team members must understand, guide and implement. Next leader also have to design the program culturebuild infrastructure and systems, and create success measurement tools corporate culture.

Corporate culture should be measured by real performance, not by program culturehimself,” he explained.

BRI High Performance

In the midst of continuous transformation by BRI, the company has proven to have high business resilience in the midst of a pandemic situation and global economic turmoil. In the first three months of 2022, BRI managed to record a profit of Rp. 12.22 trillion or grew by 78.13% on an annual basis year on year (YoY). As for assets, at the end of March 2022, BRI Group’s assets grew by 8.99% yoy to Rp.1,650.28 trillion.

For information, Brilliant Leadership Insights is an activity organized by BRI to strengthen BRI’s Corporate Culture through: share insights from top leaders to BRILian BRI Group Personnel with the theme “The Role of SOE Leaders in Building the Country Based on Moral Values”. At the event, the BRI Excellence Award was also held, which is a form of BRI’s appreciation to BRI employees and work units who consistently provide their best performance, this program is implemented to support a performance-driven culture (Performance Driven Culture).

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