This is the meaning of the word Culametan which is again viral

This is the meaning of the word Culametan which is again viral

the meaning of the word culametan

Suddenly, a girl who is still in 7th grade of junior high school has become viral on social media. Named Risa Nurhakim, she shocked the virtual world with a video of Culametan in Sundanese.

Here’s an excerpt of the words on the viral video!

I’m sick of sipping culamétan mét mét tea, culametan mét mét. Jigana is dipentaan deui téh it’s a waste of time. Siga ma’am, if there is food on the table, my mango legleg is useless, terror!”
You live, culametan met meth, culametan met meth. It seems that you don’t want to be asked (food) again! It seems that if there is food on the table, please eat with you, terrorize!

The expressions in the sentence include harsh Sundanese, such as the word sia whose familiar language is manéh and the soft language of anjeun which means ‘you’. Legleg is a crude expression of the word dahar (familiar language) and the soft language of pour which means ‘to eat’. These words are usually expressed in situations of being angry or upset.

Culametan (Indonesian: ‘celamitan’), the nature of someone who likes to ask/try other people’s food. It seems that the culamétan is always curious about the food that other people eat. Worse, he himself if he has food is very stingy. This in Sundanese means bad character, because it can make other people uncomfortable or upset.

Just imagine, again, it’s delicious to eat food, there are other people who disturb the mood / atmosphere of enjoyment. The culamétan is usually a lazy person but just wants it to be delicious. If you want food like that, what’s the point of buying it yourself?

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