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We thank the sites that provide Online Qur’an service So that all friends can do reading activities Al-Qur’an or remember rote easily anywhere and anytime. Then what are the sites… let’s see together, okay?

Update * March 3, 2020

In this March 3 2020 Update, the admin found a website called TafsirWeb which can be used as our reference to read and understand the Qur’an online. This is a website that not only presents the Al Qur’an Online, but Tafsir Al Qur’an is the main dish, although when I explore further, It also provides a special website for the Qur’an, namely and you can easily switch between interpretations and the Qur’an alone.
Apart from that, there are several other content, as listed on the menu bar of this website, such as Serba Serbi which contains Islamic articles, there is also an interpretation based on topic (Tafsir Topic), there is a series of interpretations.
Menu TafsirWeb

If you want to know more about this website, you can visit the About Us page in the menu section above, there is information about the book of interpretation used for the development of this website.

About TafsirWeb

After we read further on the page above, it turns out that there is a main mission of this TafsirWeb, namely: become the center for the most complete collection of Qur’anic interpretations in Indonesia.

For page loading, I think it’s really light because it looks simple and focuses on the content, so we don’t need a long time to load the page. As for the mobile display, it is responsive and can adapt to all devices. Mobile Display Mobile Display

Hopefully the developer will continue to be persistent and make this site the most complete Qur’anic Tafsir Center in Indonesia.

TANZIL.NET Online Qur’an Site

This was the first time I met Tanzil Net because on my campus every Wifi login, Tanzil Net always appears, and it turns out that the features in it are quite complete, from the Reciter you can choose any Al Afasy, Al Husary, English Itani and Linnya you can choose which one you like, continue Translation language can also be selected from Indonesian, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Malaysian, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, French and other Languages, even Japanese Translation of the Quran there’s also you know.. I’ll put the food here in the first place.

Tanzil net itself has been established since 2007 which developed and made by Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh ( Founder and Developer ) with several other contributing contributors such as Quran Text Verification (to match Medina Mushaf) Abbas Ahmadi, Morteza Bagheri, Yousef Daneshvar, Mohammad Derakhshani, Mohammad Fakharzadeh, Ehsan Fathi, Yusof Ganji, Mojtaba Haghighi, Nasser Lashgarian, Zahra Mousavian, Mohsen Saboorian, Yaser Shanjani Server Administrator Mohammad-Reza Nikseresht Graphic Design Mahdi Mousavian

This is how it looks

And what makes me feel at home is that the site is light and not slow, so you can easily change pages without lag.

Online Qur’an Site DUDUNG.NET

If this comes from Indonesia and is the work of the nation’s children, what is the name? DUDUNG ABDUSSOMAD TOHA, born in 1976 who developed the Al Quran Online site DUDUNG.NET. to look simple and easy to understand, besides Al Quran Online there are also other facilities such as the Zakat Calculator and Prayer Schedule. For the appearance of the Koran, it has the order of the verses of the Koran and immediately below it there is Latin and its translation.

now Quran site This is quite simple and suitable for those of you who just need Simple Quran DisplayWe don’t have any information from the maker and the developer, but the work is really good, Jazakallah… , The application is simple and light as if you open an android application. Just select the Surah you want to read. Here’s how it looks, according to the name of the site… hehe

This is the Al Quran Online that I recently discovered. Here are some excellent features that caught my attention, namely Registration, so on that site, you can become a member by logging in and you can Bookmark where your reading is finished, that’s good right, you can also share verses of the Koran easily.
This Indonesian Al-Quran site has Tajweed, Word and Latin models of the Qur’an. Yes, I think it’s quite easy to understand, because everything is located on the same page, so if you need Tasjwid, you can click the Tajweed tab, and if you need the Quran word by word, you can directly select Words, without having to reload the website again. Here’s how it looks.

For who made it, we haven’t got the information.. But what is clear is that it comes from Indonesia.. ^_^ but Jazakallah.. I hope you can Istiqomah… If this article is useful, please share it with your friends, but try to use it Short URLs like

Well that’s some Online Quran Reference which can be used as a reference, to go to each site.. you can click on the title, yes.. I have given the link… Sorry for the mixed language ^_^ .

Hope it is useful.

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