This is the Reason Ultraman Nexus Including Serial Fails

Ultraman Nexus has been airing on Rajawali Televisi (RTV) for the last three days. So far, the series, which has aired three episodes, has received a good response from adult audiences. Considering this series has been broadcast on Indonesian television in the past.

But behind it all, Ultraman Nexus did not get the title of the shortest Ultra series for free. There are many factors that cause why the series which is the antithesis of Ultraman Cosmos only airs for 37 episodes.

In this article, we will discuss a little about the factors that cause the Ultraman Nexus series to be a failed Ultra series. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

The Reason Ultraman Nexus Including Serial Fails

Really Very Small Budget

Ultraman Nexus Facts
Ultraman Nexus | Tsuburaya Productions

During the creation of the Ultraman Nexus concept, Tsuburaya was in a difficult situation. They owed Bandai 200 million yen. Even before, they had to pay 100 million yen to Chaiyo for the dispute that occurred in court.


causes the production of the series to have a really very small budget. The budget that was previously given must be willing to be cut by 70%. From the original 30 million yen to 10 million yen.

The impact of the budget cuts resulted from the lack of property being used. Various concepts are presented in the story. Like a meta field because the cost of making a miniature city is expensive, then shooting scenes are mostly done at night because in the story, Night Raider moves quietly without anyone knowing.

id="h-koordinasi-antar-staff-yang-super-buruk">Super Bad Coordination Between Staff

Jun Himeya Ultraman Nexus
Nexus | Tsuburaya Productions

When Tsuburaya was drafting the Ultraman Nexus concept, they wanted a story that brought back elements that were a little darker like the Ultra Q series (which was the inspiration for the Ultraman franchise).

The problem is, they have already drafted the concept and done the shooting process without knowing which TV will show it. At least, the production team has made about 12 episodes which started work on June 2004

Good news came in July. CBS stations are willing to take the broadcast rights from Ultraman Nexus. Unfortunately, Ultraman Nexus got a Saturday morning broadcast replacing Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon starting in October 2004.

Bad TV Ratings, Episode Count Cuts

Art Nexus 3 1
Nexus | Tsuburaya Productions

With the various problems that exist, it is predictable that the Nexus series will not get a good reception from the audience. And sure enough. This series immediately received criticism from parents in Japan and the ratings plummeted.

In response to this criticism, TV decided that the number of episodes of Ultraman Nexus would be cut and forced to end in June 2005. Meanwhile, in July they had to prepare a new series that was more child-friendly.

Tsuburaya as a production house can’t do anything. They were forced to follow the television’s request and immediately prepare Ultraman Max a few months after the decision to cut the number of episodes fell.

Those are some of the reasons for the messy preparations for the Ultraman Nexus series, which originally intended to revitalize all elements of the Ultraman franchise.

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