This is the reason why Bona WJSN felt stupid while filming Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One became one of the best-selling dramas to watch since the first episode was released.

The drama tells the story of the struggles of young people during the financial crisis in 1998.

On February 23, 2022, tvN released a behind-the-scenes video for Nam Joo Hyuk’s drama.

The video shows a variety of interesting moments. Including the moment experienced by Bona WJSN.

What was the interesting experience like? Come on, just read this article to the end!

In the drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, WJSN’s Bona plays Go Yu Rim. He is a fencer and rival to Na Hee Do, played by Kim Tae Ri.

In the behind-the-scenes video uploaded by tvN, there is a scene that Bona thinks makes him look stupid.

Where Bona and Choi Hyun Wook aka Moon Ji Woong are running through the rain. The scene is in episode 4.

Where Bona wears a piece of cloth to protect her head. And Choi Hyun Wook took cover behind the pot.

Then, as they were running, the banner on Choi Hyun Wook’s head accidentally fell on Bona’s head.

They immediately burst into laughter. Bona had time to hold her head and felt pain.

data-id="13">However, the scene was not cut by the director to just flow.

When monitoring the scene on the screen, Bona immediately burst out, “We look like idiots,” he said with a laugh.

However, to the director, the stupid scene actually looks natural. “I think laughing like a fool looks good,” said the director.

In addition to the scene that looks stupid, there are also other scenes that attract the attention of netizens. The scene involves Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Kim Tae Ri tries hard to find Joo Hyuk.

He ran around the city for about two hours until he was gasping for air. Joo Hyuk who saw Tae Ri running immediately tried to chase him.

data-id="19">However, in the end, Joo Hyuk accidentally knocks Tae Ri down.

Joo Hyuk feels really bad for Tae Ri. However, the beautiful artist born in 1990 said that he was fine.

data-id="21">So that the incident does not repeat itself, the drama crew also provides a mattress.

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