This Is The Right Way To Start A Business That You Should Try!

Building a business is an easy task because running and maintaining it is the most difficult thing compared to just building it. But even though building a business is easy, you can’t underestimate the preparation and early stages of building a business.

Did you know that the initial stage of building a business is the foundation that determines where the development of the business will go. For that you as a prospective businessman must know how and what you need to consider to create a strong business foundation.

These are tips from successful entrepreneurs that you should know and have been compiled especially for you, loyal readers of

1. Consider hiring an IT person

Technology is something that is always changing and evolving all the time, so you should have it when you own a business. Either to create a system or just to create a website. But you must know that the salary you have to give for IT employees is quite large, so careful consideration is something you need to take.

Instead of having to be burdened with large costs, why don’t you choose to buy a ready-made system or website?

Considering the cost you spend is cheaper and another thing is because your new business still doesn’t have a stable income to hire people with big salaries.

To choose the right website builder or system service, you can ask for recommendations from colleagues or other people who have the same needs as you, but make sure that their business is able to run stable first before asking for recommendations.

Like, for 1 year you only need to spend 900 thousand per year for maintenance, CMS, hosting, domain and others.

Cheap enough right? But it has been proven to be able to create more sales than other websites.

2. Create a free ad list

If there are free and powerful promotional tools why should you choose a paid one? Especially for those of you who have just started a business. “Bing,

Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others are free advertising ways and certainly one step closer to your customers”. Don’t miss signing up for any new services that can bring you closer to your potential customers.

3. Take advantage of the coworking space

Owning an office is every business owner’s dream. But when you have just built a business, don’t be in a hurry to rent an office building or even buy it, but don’t also use your home as an office address, don’t want it if you lose precious moments with your family every time because of visits by people who don’t want you. have an appointment with you?

Having your own office will indeed cost you a lot of money before starting a business, so a coworking space is the right thing. Why exactly? because:

a. By working in a coworking space you save a lot of rent, electricity, etc.

b. Can meet and exchange ideas with many people who both have a business background

c. Meet new people every day and of course you can choose who you want to sit with every day

d. The possibility of working with other people who need your services or you need the services of that person

e. And the most important thing is that you can introduce your business to many people “public brand awareness” in a short time.

4. Save save save money

Of course you have to save and save because the business income is not big. Think about the best decision before buying something, if you can rent at a cheaper price why buy at an expensive price and of course it will burden your new business to germinate.