This is what Ryujin ITZY said about NMIXX’s debut

JYP Entertainment just debuted the girl group NMIXX on February 22, 2022. The girl group consists of 7 members who are predicted to be All Ace.

That is, all members master all aspects. They can dance, sing, and have special beautiful visuals.

Three years earlier, JYPE had debuted ITZY. With a short debut distance, it’s only natural that one of the ITZY members underwent a trainee period with NMIXX members.

The ITZY member is Ryujin. In the past, he had a trainee period with four NMIXX members.

Who are the NMIXX members? Then, what are Ryujin’s comments on their debut? Watch this article until the end so you don’t miss the info!

Recently, ITZY’s Ryujin conducted a live broadcast. He then mentioned that the four NMIXX members were friends during their trainee days.

They are Lily, Kyujin, Jiwoo, and Jinni. “There were 4 members of NMIXX who had a trainee period with me in the past.”

In that live, Ryujin gave a warm spirit to his juniors who had just debuted, aka NMIXX.

Ryujin revealed that he had been waiting for NMIXX’s debut for a long time. Not only giving support, Ryujin also gave praise to the NMIXX members.

data-id="11">According to Ryujin, whether it’s visuals, singing skills, dancing skills, etc., NMIXX deserves everyone’s attention.

But unfortunately, the debut of the girl group made by JYP reaped a lot of scathing criticism. Some claim that the MV for OO’s song is very similar to ATEEZ’s Illusion MV.

Plus, netizens think the melody of the OO song is too messy so it’s hard to digest.

All these insults made some media say that OO is the worst debut song in JYP history.

In fact, music is a matter of taste. That’s right, right? What do you think, huh?


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