This Student Threatens the Death Penalty After Being a Sadistic Murderer – Student Zone – The police managed to arrest a student with the initials TRB (24) from Sukabumi Regency, West Java. He is the perpetrator of the sadistic murder of Edi Hermawan on Friday (14/5).

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Threat of Death Penalty

Picture of the killer (Photo: Makassar Latest)

TRB is a resident of Cikiwul Village RT 04/02, Bojongsari Village, Jampangkulon District who is facing the death penalty for committing premeditated murder.

“The suspect is entangled in the premeditated murder article which carries the maximum penalty of the death penalty,” said Sukabumi Police Chief AKBP Lukman Syarif in Sukabumi.

Then, in this case, TRB was charged with a criminal act of premeditated murder and/or maltreatment which resulted in the death of the victim.

As stated in Article 340 subsidiary Article 338 subsidiary Article 351 Paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code with the threat of capital punishment or life imprisonment or for a certain period of 20 years at most.

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Perpetrator Murder Scenario

Illustration of a murder (Photo: Republika)

Lukman explained, based on the murder investigation, the suspect was not spontaneous or unplanned, but the perpetrator had made a scenario to kill the victim named Edi Hermawan.

After that, the suspect called Dariansyah (Edi’s order) to come to his house regarding debt payments. Then, on Wednesday (12/5) night, Hidayat (the driver) who arrived at TRB’s house took Edi and Dariansyah.

TRB also welcomes potential victims. And to smoothen the action, the suspect asked Dariansyah to go to the house of the perpetrator’s mother on the grounds that there was a special discussion with Edi.

Finally, Edi was alone in his house. Then, TRB carried out its action by slashing the victim’s head with a machete and stabbing Edi’s chest and stomach with a kitchen knife.

Dariansyah became a victim of TRB when he was about to return from the suspect’s mother’s house. He was intercepted and immediately hacked by using a samurai blindly. Then, TRB fled to the plantation area.

On Friday (14/5), the Sukabumi Police Satreskrim personnel managed to arrest TRB. The police shot him in the calf because he was about to run away and fight back.

Lukman added, the suspect’s actions had been arranged neatly. Meanwhile, this young man’s motive for killing the victim’s life is because his emotions are always collecting debts.

This Student Is Threatened With Death Penalty After Being Perpetrator of a Sadistic Murder

That’s a review of a student who was threatened with the death penalty after being the perpetrator of a sadistic murder.

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