Thor: Love and Thunder Features Flashback Scene

It seems like, Thor: Love and Thunder later will show the scene Flash back in Thor: The Dark World (2013).

As we know, the fourth film Thor MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder, is still undergoing shooting. However, it doesn’t deny that we are fans already anticipating the release of this film.

Jane Foster’s Back

Jane Foster | Marvel Studios

One of the factors of course is the return of Natalie Portman as Thor’s lover, Jane Foster. As we all know, Portman’s last appearance as Jane was in Thor: The Dark World.

And since then, he hasn’t come back. It was almost 8 years later that he returned as the character. No doubt when we know Jane is back again, we’re getting hype just to watch Thor: Love and Thunder.

Well, through uploading photos tweets following, of course, our sense of anticipation to soon see the film directed by Taika Wattiti (Thor: Ragnarok) this, will be more gokil again.

Yes, as you can see and read from the status uploaded by Twitter account users, @NaberriePower aka Mighty Foster, it looks like this fourth Thor film will later feature scenes Flash back.

Will Feature Flashback Scene Thor: The Dark World

Specifically, a flashback scene from the movie Thor: The Dark World. Which is more specific, will show more clearly how the process of separation between Thor and Jane. As we know in Thor: RagnarokThor (Chris Hemsworth) explains that the cause of the two breaking up was because Jane broke up with them.

How can we be sure that this film will show scenes? Flash back Thor: The Dark World the?

Yes as we can see from tweets It is explained that in the photos, Portman and Hemsworth are wearing wigs (wigs) which is exactly the same as the hairstyle of the two when they were Thor: The Dark World before.

This is further strengthened by the fact that Portman’s hair is now short and Thor Hemsworth’s character, who has had short hair since Thor: Ragnarok. And I agree with the scene Flash back this.

Because once again, we will be able to know more clearly the cause of the breakup of the two. And hopefully, this can really be explained very well.

But for more details, let’s just wait and see until Thor: Love and Thunder release on July 8, 2022 okay.

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