Thought to be from Nyoblos – Student Zone – Recently, a video of a number of KKN students who were giving injections to cows was crowded on Twitter social media. Many netizens asked about the injection technique of these students. However, not a few also think that this method of injection has been widely used by veterinarians.

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KKN Students Inject Cows

In a video uploaded on Twitter social media through the @saramba__ account, it shows a number of students who carry out KKN activities by injecting animals. The description in the video says that injecting cows can be safer by paying attention to animal welfare.

KKN students inject vitamins into cows but they are horribly delicious. In fact, it can be safer and pay attention to animal welfare,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the video shows students injecting vitamins in the back of a cow. Warganet also highlighted that when the injection was carried out, it was seen that students immediately gave the injection. It was also seen that students immediately fled after giving the injection.

Previously the video was uploaded via TikTok, but has now been deleted by the account owner. Regarding this, one of the students stated that the syringe used was strong and not easily broken. In addition, he revealed that the cows they injected were a little wilder than usual.

If it’s specifically for the injection, it already has its own tool, bro, so it’s not easy to break. when it comes to the cows, the cows are a bit wild here, so you have to be quick with the injectionssaid the student.

Then Adis Saramba, the video uploader, gave a striking comment on the student’s explanation. He said that in the video there were still cows in the cage. Even Adis also highlighted the place and method of injecting cows by the KKN students.

Furthermore, Adis said he was very careful if he wanted to upload documentation of animal handling activities. Because, he said, when it comes to animals, there is a separate law.

Well, this is what many people are not aware of, when it comes to animals, there is also a law. As a drh, I am very careful to post documentation of animal handling activities, especially in the field sometimes in an emergency using makeshift equipment,” he continued.

Netizens Response

From the video that has been circulating, not a few netizens have highlighted how to inject it. One of them on the Twitter account @latekamikaze, expressed his anger at seeing videos of students doing injections to cows.

He said that in animal injection there are separate techniques, such as using dadung, tweezers, or other methods.

Why aren’t FKH children allowed to inject? Cows again, injecting animals, everything has a technique, it doesn’t come from injecting. Use a dadung, clip cage, or use another diversion method. It could be abscess and extremity can be paralyzed. After all, at this time the Livestock Service gave permission to the common people?” he said.

Meanwhile, in the upload, there were also many other netizens who commented on the cow injection video. Many of them gave various responses, even to the point of raising pros and cons about the correct way to inject animals.

If you want to match the theory, it’s very difficult. People, our farms are people’s farms. What must be educated is the farmer. Because the farmer who owns the livestock, is free to regulate whether or not to give permission or not to medicate their livestock,” wrote one netizen.

It’s thought to be an injection from a vote, can’t bear to see the cow,” responded another netizen.

Wow, this is dangerous. If the injection location is wrong, it can create an abscess, a collection of pus that is in the skin area and can rot too. It’s really difficult if students who do KKN just go with the flow,” he added.

Up in arms! KKN students injecting cows make netizens feel sick: they think they are just stupid

That’s a review of a number of students who took part in KKN injecting cows that made netizens ache when they saw it.

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