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Incidentally, we had a short picnic in Raja Ampat and the photos were just snaps, because we’re still on vacation haha.

Enjoy and please hold your saliva, don’t let it come out :3

Land photo by @ipadguides with Ricoh GR & canon 5d ; Underwater Photo @MayangPurwanto with Olympus OM-D EM-5

To get to Raja Ampat, take a plane to Sorong. This is the view just before landing in the city of Sorong. Sorong is not yet Raja Ampat, so after that we have to take a fast boat from the port of Sorong to the port of Waisai, the capital of the Raja Ampat district on Waigeo island.
Stop for a while at the Waiwo dive resort pier. Waiwo is one of the areas in Waisai.
Where I stay. Raja Ampat dive lodge.
This place is suitable for ‘doing nothing’
Manta Point. Around this small floating sand island that is sinking is manta territory.
Manta Point above and below
My dive buddy, om @pinneng, whose camera is as big as a gigantic one. Check his website here
The Manta Ray. The wingspan is about 2-3 meters. I dance with sea dancers
Our second dive on Mioskon Island, the island that people want to buy for 67 Trillion.
Gam Island Pier. One of the original habitats of the Bird of Paradise.
A bird from heaven, Cendrawasih!
Diving when it rains, when you come up you get a rainbow like this.
A Morning at Waiwo dive resort
The islands in Raja Ampat are like in a fairy tale *lebay*
The shark is enjoying swimming on the beach. At first I was afraid, after a long time snorkeling together. Turns out sharks aren’t scary at all 🙂
It’s not complete if you go to Raja Ampat, you don’t go to wayag here.
Raja Ampat kids.
To infinity and beyond!
The sea was calm at that time.
No comment for underwater Raja Ampat..
Underwater garden
Sis @r_djangkaru is joking with the turtle with his prided pink smock.
Erm, @ipadguides was underwater *showing off*
Relax kayaking on the beach. It’s on the beach.
The black sweet from Raja Ampat.
Arborek Island
His hair is dry and curly because he often plays in sea water.
Red grouper everywhere *picks up frying pan*
Find fish with just a thread, and catch a lot easily!
Mansuar Island photographed from Gam Island
Embossed sand beach
A hot day on the island of Kho
Take it easy bro. Yenbuba village pier.
Tee heeeee!
Playing around
Just look that gorgeus eyes!
Play around!
Pianemo, KW’s version of Wayag.
Amazing Sunset everyday. Thanks!

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