Tiktok-style Viral Tricks

Tiktok-style Viral Tricks
Tiktok-style Viral Tricks

Tiktok is a very popular application among the younger generation today. It is noted that the application has as many as 800 active users spread throughout the world. Even though the application is still 4 years old since it was first launched.

Currently, there are many successful tiktok users and earn a lot of income because of their popularity on the tiktok application.

For those of you who currently want to be successful and viral on TikTok, here we will review the right tricks for TikTok-style viral that you can do.

1. Posting Videos Regularly

So that you can be successful and viral on tiktok and have many followers, it is necessary to regularly post videos every day even if the number of your followers or the video still doesn’t reach many users.

Although here the information about the TikTok algorithm still tends to be the same, at least you won’t be penalized or considered spam because you upload videos too often like only in the Facebook application.

Therefore, create your content and then upload the video every day on a regular basis. Being consistent is absolutely necessary in order for you to be successful in the particle world.

2. Always Follow the Trend

The next tip so you can go viral on tiktok and have a lot of followers is to always update and follow current trends.

There’s nothing wrong with following trends and creating content inspired by these things.

Likewise, if there is a viral song on tiktok, then you can immediately make a dance cover or content using the background sound of the song.

To find out what is currently trending on tiktok, that is by opening discover.

If you have difficulty creating content that you want to create later, then you can get ideas through content that is currently trending.

3. Become a Unique Creator

Here, so that you have videos that can be viral and popular, it is necessary to be a creator that is unique and different from other character creators.

By being unique, different and original, of course, this will make many tiktok users curious and keep following.

Show other users something they may not have seen before.

It is proven that currently there are a lot of tiktokers who create unique content and they become viral and are famous because of that content.

Look for unconventional ideas so you can create something different from what’s already there.

4. Interaction

To be successful and viral like TikTok, it’s not enough just to create content on a daily basis, but you also need to interact with other users.

The method here is easy, you just have to watch their videos, add comments and then give them a like.

That way, your presence will be noticed by other tiktokers, who will probably stop by your profile to watch the videos you’ve made.

It is also possible that these tiktok creators are interested in collaborating with you.

There are many benefits that you can get when you collaborate, but the most important is to increase the number of your followers.

Especially if here those who invite you to collaborate have more followers than you, then that will be very profitable.

5. Create Specific Content

Almost the same as the YouTube application, the more specific the content you create here, the more loyal your followers will be.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know what kind of content you want to share with your viewers.

Here you should focus on a particular topic, so that it can be a personal branding for yourself.

For example, you can share content about dance or other things as long as it’s still specific in one field.

Avoid creating content that is too complex and varied, because that will only make you lacking a distinctive character that is easy for others to remember and recognize.

6. Maximizing Hashtag Usage

Like other social media, hashtags here have an important role so that your content can be seen and known by many people.

The hashtag itself has a function so that later videos will be easier to find.

Try to make the content of the video with the hashtags that you use are appropriate or relevant. Don’t just add a hashtag even though the content of the video you make has nothing to do with the hashtag.

Why Should You Be Creative?

7. Be Creative

The next tip to become a successful tiktoker is that you need to be more creative.

By being as creative as possible, of course it will make many users who can enjoy your content and feel entertained by it.

If many tiktok make dance covers using the same song and choreography, then you don’t have to be afraid to be different or go against the grain here.

You need to think of something much more creative to make the look more distinct.

To be more creative, you need to multiply references then create your own style.

The more creative you are here, the easier it will be to achieve popularity on tiktok.

8. Share Video

As soon as you make a video here you also need to share it. You can share the video to other social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

With this regular promo method, many tiktokers are finally viral and famous. Diligently share your tiktok videos so that more people know your account.

If they are interested they will automatically visit your account and become loyal followers.

9. Be Confident

If you want to become a successful and famous Tik tok artist, then you need to get rid of your shame.

You need to be someone who is really confident. Tiktok is an application that showcases users who have courage, humor and self-confidence.

That’s why if you intend to dive into tiktok, then you need to be prepared with the audience’s reaction to the videos or content you create.

In addition, the making of Tik Tok videos is usually done in public places.

Without self-confidence, of course, you will not dare to make tiktok videos in these places.

So from now on, strengthen your mentality so that you are not easily down and embarrassed.

Those were some tips that you can do to go viral like TikTok. Apply the things that have been reviewed in detail above so that later your tiktok account will have many visitors and followers.

Becoming famous is not an easy thing, therefore you really need to make a pretty hard effort.