Tips and Tricks for Making Online Selling Captions

So far, maybe you don’t realize that there are several accounts, be it Instagram, Facebook, and others that offer their products, so that it makes us interested in buying just because we see the written caption.

For some reason the caption makes you tempted to immediately buy the items offered.

Captions are not only used to complement photos, but the words used in the captions can actually be an attraction to be able to attract potential consumers.

That’s why when you want to start an online shop, it is necessary to know and master how to create and use captions to the fullest.

By knowing this, you will certainly be able to attract the interest of potential buyers to buy it. Here are tips when you want to make an interesting caption.

Tips and Tricks for Making Online Selling Captions

1. Get to Know Ananda’s Audience

As an online shop entrepreneur, here you need to identify your potential customers. Pay close attention to the audience by providing relevant content so that they can be interested in the product that you are offering.

style="text-align: justify;">To be able to identify your audience, here you need to create a list so that it is easier to know who is interested in the products you offer.

Here you can record data such as their age, type of work, place of residence, or hobbies. Furthermore, you can determine the brand voice by using adjectives that show the value of your brand.

2. Use
the Right Number of Words

The next way to make an online selling caption is that you need to use the right number of words.

Although here you can use many words in the caption, but you can’t just enter the word or sentence.

The best word count that is effectively used is in the range of 138 to 150 letters. Even some marketing experts recommend that you do not make captions more than 125 letters.

style="text-align: justify;">You need to put sentences that are able to invite the audience’s curiosity so that later they are willing to press the more button to get more information.

Do not use words that are too long and wordy so that consumers do not feel bored and lazy to read them. Include only the important things in the caption.

3. Use Hashtags

The next tip is that you can use hashtags. The word that will be used later needs to be made relevant to the product you are selling.

But avoid using too many hashtags in a caption, because it makes your writing difficult to read.

style="text-align: justify;">Place this hashtag far at the bottom so that it separates the hashtag from the caption. The use of hashtags will also make it easier for consumers to find the product they want.

So that the product photos that you post will be easily found by these potential consumers. That’s why it’s important that you include hashtags in every post you make.

4. Use Call to Action

Call to action is a way to get your audience to do something about your posts, such as tagging friends, leaving comments and so on.

However, to get a response from the audio, you need to make pictures and captions even more interesting.

Those are the tips and tricks to make an interesting caption. In the following, we will discuss the types of captions that can attract potential consumers to see and finally buy your product.

1. Using Words That Contain an Invitation

You need to create a caption that contains an invitation in it. Captions with these words are powerful enough to attract buyers.

That’s because there is a persuasive element that affects potential consumers indirectly. Examples of words that you can use are: enjoy, let’s complete, let’s buy and so on.

style="text-align: left;">2. Use Words That Show Profit

Tips for making interesting captions, then selling online, is by using words that show the benefits that can be obtained for buyers.

Benefits such as discounts or bonuses on a purchase of goods can certainly affect the interest of someone who wants to buy.

Here you can try to use this method to get the attention of your consumers. Examples of words that can be used include: free, free, special discount, sale, bonus, cashback, buy two get one free and so on.

3. Use Words with Novelty

When you accidentally run into someone who has the exact same clothes as you, of course here you will feel a little embarrassed or even annoyed.

This shows that the goods you are using are quite marketable. You can take advantage of the nature of consumers like this to be used as a strategy in sales.

Use a caption that can make potential buyers feel that the product you are offering has no equivalent.

That way consumers will be more interested in buying the products you offer. Examples of words that you can use here are: contemporary, fresh from the oven, unique, new arrival, limited edition, exclusive and so on.

4. Use Words That Contain Promises

Here you need to make consumers believe in the products you offer by using words that promise them.

Using the word promise will certainly eliminate the doubts of potential consumers about the quality of the products you offer.

That way they will become even more confident in the products you sell. However, make sure that the information you convey is truly owned by your product. Don’t just make up stories to make your product look superior.

Because if it is not proven then consumers will no longer buy products from you. Therefore, being an honest seller would be better. Examples of words that you can use are: original, uncle, easy, effective, solution and so on.

Tips and Tricks for Making Online Selling Captions

5. Use Words That Promote Your Product

Tips for making interesting captions for the next online sale is to use words that contain elements to collect your product compared to other products. This is so that customers do not turn to other products.

Therefore it is important for you to ascertain what are the advantages of the product that you have to offer.

To create a caption that shows the advantages of a product, you can use words such as: cheapest, only here, complete, free shipping, fast delivery, and so on.

That was an explanation of how to make an interesting caption for selling online that you can apply in your online store.

In addition to making interesting captions as described above, you also need to ensure the details of the products that you will sell later.

Such as information about prices, types, sizes and so on. That way later consumers will feel facilitated by the existence of this information. Here you will no longer be bothered with questions from consumers regarding product problems.