Tips and Tricks that will make you good at playing Digimon Links

Who is a 90’s kid who doesn’t know Digimon.. if you used to play Tamagochi a lot.. you must know it or watch the movie on TV that usually airs on Sunday mornings.. hehe
screenshots of digimon link android

The intro doesn’t connect huh!!!

Okay, let’s get straight to it.. it’s only been 1 month since I got a game that reminds me of childhood memories… that is having a digimon.. although it’s still far from what I wanted.. but it feels like having your own pet..

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The name of the game is Digimon Links..
Honestly at first I didn’t know anything myself.. so I couldn’t write about the game yet.. but after about 1 month of playing.. heh.. it turns out that I have started to understand the role game..

Digimon Links is a game that has a simple concept, it turns out. The point is we do it Farming to be able to make our digimon grow.. farming in question is farming meat / meat in the fields … uh how come harvesting meat in the fields huh ..?? only the developer knows why the field can produce meat… 😀

After that we feed the digimon with the meat that was exchanged for exp to level up the digimon…

Ehhhh what is exp??? exp is experience in the form of numbers.. each level requires a different exp number.. usually the higher the level.. the more exp needed.. the detailed explanation is below…!!!

On digimon links itself has several stages of evolution… just like the one in the film…
there is a level in training I which is the lowest level.. meaning the digimon still need special handling.. hehe .. can’t make a fight yet..
then in training II.. that is the last evolution of the incubation system in the garden or park..
after that it can be used when in training II you evolve.

the next level is Rookie.. well this is the lowest level when your digimon can be released to fight.. but don’t get me wrong.. this rookie level is still a weak level.. so it might be difficult when you want to try to explore the area..

Oops, what is that area? that area is our place to hunt for materials needed to Digivolve digimon..
what else is digimon material?????

Digimon material is a component needed to Digivolve digimon.
There are 4 levels of each element…

Facilities at Digimon Links

In Digimon Links there are 4 facilities that can be upgraded and it is highly recommended to upgrade in order: Restaurant->Meat Field->Warehouse->House.

1. Restaurant

The most important facilities that serve to increase your maximum Stamina value. Note that before you press “Construction” on a building, you should first use up the existing Stamina because when you press “Construction”, your Stamina will immediately be full.

2. Meat Field

Serves to produce meat every 1 minute. This meat is used to increase your Digimon’s EXP (Training -> Food). Each meat gives 10 EXP. It should be noted that when you upgrade to these facilities, you cannot harvest the meat at the same time.

3. Warehouse

Serves as a place to store your meat. These facilities become the third priority upgrade so you can save more meat for later use.

4. House

Serves as a place to store unused Digimon. Upgrade these facilities to increase the maximum number of Digimon you are currently collecting.

This is an explanation of Digi Stones (DS) Farming

Several ways to collect Digi Stones (DS):

1. Explore Quest

You will get 2 DS when completing each quest for the first time. Make sure each Quest does not have a red “New” written on it.

2. Recruitment Notice

a) Use the notice board to help others complete a quest. DS obtained in this way is limited to 50 times.
b) Playing with “Friend” will give you 10 DS for each different person. DS obtained in this way is limited to 10 times.

3. Mission (Beginner, Daily, Cumulative)

Complete all required Missions to get DS rewards.

4. Daily Login & Shop

Login in game every day will give you DS rewards. And if you have more money, you can directly buy a DS in the “Shop”.

This is a complete explanation of EXP & Plugin Farming

1. To carry out the evolution stage of Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega, every monster must reach “LV MAX” by farming EXP. In addition to “Food” and “Enhance” training, there is an area that is faster and easier to farm EXP, namely “Area 08 – Stage 04”. This area only requires 3 Stamina and has a Glacier type, therefore you are recommended to use Blazing type monsters with AoE skills, such as WarGreymon (Terra Force) or Phoenixmon. Here’s a picture for more details on EXP earnings.

2. After the monster reaches “LV MAX” then the “Plugin” material is needed to evolve each type of monster. The following is a picture for the monster type schedule which is reset at 22.00 WIB every day.

Digimon Links Exp Trick !!!

you can get exp apart from food, namely from the battles in the quest.. on Normal Quest is the right arena to get a lot of exp… besides requiring only -5 energy, the exp you can get can reach 100exp…

You can also capture digimon by buying them using DigiStone.. which you can get from completing quests and clearing areas.. you can also buy it if you have money..hehe

Trick Capture Digimon Links => Wait for an event.. Use Capture 10 Digimon to get Mega Digimon instantly.

This is one of the proofs for the mega-capture case like the one above in video form…

Here’s an example, I also just got 2 mega directly and one of them is +1 awaken.. not bad..
There are 4 levels of Awakening.. if you use the normal method.. you can get it by research.. by combining 2 mega .. later it turns into an egg.. but it does require a big struggle because it requires a lot of materials, of course..!!!

This is one of the facilities in Digimon Links.. where we can fight each other with other trainers.. the slang term is Duel…

Like this How to Play in the Colosseum in Digimon Links..

That’s some Tips and Tricks as well as an initial explanation about the World of Digimon Links.. how? ready to try..?? just install it from google play!!1 make sure your gadget specs are adequate…:D

This is the minimum spec for playing Digimon Links

Android 4.2 or more,
RAM 2GB or more

(1) Recommended models and, regarding the operation in other than the recommended operating environment, it becomes the outside of the object of support.
(2) With your usage, even the recommended models might operate is unstable.
(3) for the recommended OS version, even if you are described as “Android4.2 or more”, there is no one that is inevitably corresponds to the latest version.

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