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Tips and Types of Interviews / Job Interviews

Tips and types of interviews or job interviews

Interview Tips and Types of Job Interviews

One of the stages of the test in job recruitment is an interview or interview.

Usually there are 3 types of interviews that are often used in large and well-known companies:

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HR Interview

Every company is always looking for new employee candidates through the HRD division. This interview is your initial interview and interview in the stage of whether or not you pass as an employee at the company. The tips are:

  1. Appear confident.
  2. Understand about the position you are applying for

Take it easy at the interview stage or this HR interview usually will not discuss details about your skills and abilities. They only ask about your general abilities.

  1. Look confident

The HR team will only peel your personality from the outside. There is no question about the details of the jobs you do.

You could say you are more expert in the field you are applying for than the HRD.

  1. Tell yourself at length and with weight

The HR team will judge by how you can speak fluently and not be nervous. So you better tell a lot about your interesting life.

  1. When speaking, the eyes should not be empty.

User interviews

This interview aims to explore your abilities in the field you are applying for.

User interview is an interview with a division that will use the capabilities within the company.

You could say you will be interviewed by the manager or supervisor of the division you are applying for.

The level for this interview can be considered serious. This will influence you to pass the selection or not.

The tips are:

  1. Re-learn what you have learned in your college days.

Of course, related to the field you are applying for.

  1. Recall details of your previous work or previous projects.
  2. If when asked and you do not know it, answer honestly that you do not know. Don’t pretend to be able to answer the original.

Because this user team is more skilled and has more abilities than you.

  1. Show your interest in learning here. That you have the will to move forward and try to cover up your shortcomings.

Interview with the owner of the company

You could say this is an interview that digs deeper into you. You will meet the owner of the company and will chat with them.

The tips are:

  1. Give a friendly and steady impression to the company director
  2. Tell us more about your personal experience.
  3. Take it seriously but take it easy with this interview

Usually some companies only use this stage as a formality.

But don’t take this interview lightly.

If you have reached this stage then your chances of passing the selection are 80%, the other 20% is due to attitude.

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