Tips for Caring for the Refrigerator to be Durable and Not Easily Damaged

As you already know, the refrigerator is a kitchen electronic equipment that functions as a cooling device for food and drinks. In addition, most people also use the refrigerator to preserve food or drinks so they don’t go stale easily.

The refrigerator is now a household item that is quite important and very valuable. Because its presence can help maintain the freshness of food ingredients at home.

But similar to other electronic goods, refrigerators also have a service life that will decrease drastically if not cared for in the right way.

This service life applies not only to cheap refrigerators but also to high-priced refrigerators that have the best quality, even though a refrigerator with the best quality can be said to have a longer life than an ordinary refrigerator.

How to take care of the age of use of the refrigerator

There are various ways that can be done to maintain the age of use of the refrigerator and one way is to keep the refrigerator clean itself.

But using that method alone is not enough because there are several other ways to care for the refrigerator which we will discuss in this article.

1. The refrigerator must be tightly closed

You must have encountered this before, forgetting to close the refrigerator or the refrigerator door not being tightly closed, is something that can be said to be trivial, but it can make the refrigerator break quickly and the food becomes less fresh.

Of course, if the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, dirt and germs will enter so that germs can nest in your refrigerator. Of course, your food and drink will be contaminated with these germs and dirt.

In addition, not closing the refrigerator door tightly also consumes a lot of electricity in the sense that you do not save electricity.

2. Take care of the refrigerator with routine cleaningan

Tips for Caring for the Refrigerator to be Durable and Not Easily Damaged

As we know, in general, the refrigerator is a place to store food and drinks so that they are durable and not easily stale. Therefore you have to keep it clean so that the food is not contaminated with germs and dirt.

Of course you don’t want germs and bacteria to nest in your refrigerator? Therefore you have to check and clean regularly in every part of the refrigerator such as the freezer, and others.

You can clean the refrigerator by wiping it with a damp cloth. Likewise with the freezer, when cleaning the refrigerator don’t forget to deactivate the refrigerator first so that fatal damage does not occur.

3. Keep the refrigerator away from the wall

When placing the refrigerator, don’t be too close to the wall, give a little gap so that the condenser can dissipate the heat properly.

You can give the distance between the refrigerator and the wall approximately 15-25 cm. So that the hot air can come out properly and not cause the refrigerator to be easily damaged.

This distance on the wall is important because it will serve as a space for air circulation from the refrigerator itself.

4. Clean the condenser to take care of the refrigerator

Dirt and dust that collects on the back of the refrigerator over time will surely lodge in the back of the refrigerator (condenser). Therefore, make sure you clean it regularly, you can clean it every 3 months.

If the condenser is diligently cleaned, the hot air coming out of the condenser will not be blocked by dirt and dust, the refrigerator will work optimally and of course it will not be easily damaged.

On the other hand, if the refrigerator is left alone or not cleaned, the condenser will definitely get dust and dirt, it can even get rocky. The refrigerator will be easily damaged if it is like that.

5. Avoid storing hot food and drinks

Storing food and drinks that are still hot can make your refrigerator work extra, the electricity will work optimally which makes electricity wasteful.

In addition, storing hot food and drinks too often can also make your refrigerator easy to damage because the refrigerator is left to work extra many times.

To avoid this, you can store your hot food and drinks first until the temperature of the food/drink returns to its normal temperature. Only then can you put it in the fridge.

6. Fill the fridge with enough food

Tips for Caring for the Refrigerator to be Durable and Not Easily Damaged

Filling food is also something you must pay attention to so that your refrigerator is not easily damaged and durable. Putting too much food can cause contamination.

Also avoid putting too many bottled drinks because it will cause your refrigerator to be easily damaged due to too heavy a load.

7. Close the door slowly

Usually this happens often and you must have met it often or have you done this? Closing the refrigerator door with a bang will cause something quite fatal.

Because the pressure due to closing the refrigerator door hard plus the load of food and drinks in the refrigerator will cause your refrigerator to be easily damaged.

The rubber on the refrigerator door will wear out over time and can cause your refrigerator to not close tightly anymore. Therefore, try to close the refrigerator door gently or slowly.

So those are some tips that can be given to take care of the refrigerator so that your refrigerator is clean and not easily damaged. Hopefully this article can help you in terms of maintaining the refrigerator.

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