Tips for choosing the type of garden grass for your home

Having a small garden at home is definitely a plan for most people who are preparing their dream home. because this garden can provide aesthetic value in a house.

Besides being able to give the impression of an aesthetic garden in the house, it can also give a green atmosphere to the side of the house.

To create a beautiful garden in your dream home, of course, there are many things you should pay attention to, such as garden design, selection of ornamental plants, and grass.

One of the important elements that must be applied to the garden is the type of grass because this element will be the foundation of the aesthetic value of the garden itself.

The presence of grass in the garden can be an eye freshener, doing morning family gatherings, or you can also go on a picnic with the family on the weekends.

For lawn care, the method is quite easy, you only need to trim it if the grass is too high, and just give it enough fertilizer.

To choose the type of grass you have to adjust to the garden you have at home. Here are some types of grass that might be suitable to decorate the garden in your dream home.

1. Japanese Grass

garden grass

Although this type of plant is called Japanese grass, it does not mean that this grass comes from the land of cherry blossoms. This type of Japanese grass has a tapered shape, thin, and feels piercing when stepped on or when occupied.

This grass grows densely and thickly so that it becomes a dream grass among other ornamental grasses.

The advantage of this grass is that maybe you don’t need to trim the grass often because the growth of Japanese grass is a bit long. But you have to be diligent in watering this grass so that the grass does not turn yellow.

2. Swiss Grass

The next is Swiss grass. This grass has a fairly smooth texture, among other grasses, making it suitable for decorating and being green in your dream garden.

This swiss grass is also very neat and pleasing to the eye. Even though your garden only contains Swiss grass, it will have a beautiful impression when you look at it.

But to have this swiss grass you have to do extra care. Starting from cutting the grass once a month, and giving fertilizer to plants which is quite a budget drain.

But the effort and budget that you have spent will be equivalent to the beauty of this Swiss grass. Indeed, the price of this grass is quite high when compared to other grasses.

3. Grass Puzzle

Puzzle grass loves places that are hot, but also wet, for example in rice fields, canals, and river banks. This grass may be commonly called by people is a weed.

This puzzle grass can grow up to 140 cm, although this grass is often called a weed but there are also many enthusiasts of this puzzle grass which has a thin stem that extends so that it can decorate your garden.

If you choose this grass to be planted in your dream garden, you must be diligent in trimming this grass because this grass grows quickly, and its roots will spread everywhere.

4. Manilla grass

This grass is one of the types of grass that has high quality. This grass is dark green in color, resistant to being stepped on, and has good elasticity and strength.

Therefore, this grass is the main choice for football fields. But having this grass requires extra attention because you will often trim the grass, water, and give fertilizer.

5. Tripe Grass

This one is the tripe grass that commonly coats the ground from golf courses. This grass has small and short strands making it very suitable for coating golf courses.

But this grass grows very quickly so you have to frequently check and trim it.

This grass also requires 100 percent sunlight for the grass to develop and grow well.

6. Big Elephant Grass

The next thing you should know is that large elephant grass is usually on wet soil and also requires sufficient sunlight.

This large elephant grass has the largest grass size among other elephant grasses.

For elephant grass care, it is very easy, you just have to water it regularly. You don’t need to trim it too often because this grass grows longer than other grasses. and the price is very affordable.

7. Mini Elephant Grass

The next variant of elephant grass is mini elephant grass, as the name suggests, this grass has a smaller size than large elephant grass. If this grass is almost the same as large elephant grass, the only difference is the size.

This grass has a sideways creeping growth pattern. This grass also grows a little longer so you don’t need to trim it too often.

In addition, this grass is also resistant to human feet, so it is very suitable for planting in your dream garden for children’s play.

8. Peking Grass

Peking grass has a shape similar to Japanese grass which has a thin, pointed and neat shape. What distinguishes it from Japanese grass is that Peking grass is much more tenuous than Japanese grass.

The growth of this grass is rather fast so you need to trim it regularly, approximately once every 1-2 months to trim it. You also have to fertilize and water it so the grass doesn’t dry out.

So those are some types of grass that you should know in general to decorate your dream.

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