Tips for Creating an Automatic Image List in Ms. Word, Practically Hassle-Free – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zone, have you ever made a list of pictures for your thesis? Similar to the table of contents, a list of pictures is also an important thing that is often found in every thesis.

However, have you ever tried to make it manually if the thesis has a lot of images? This will make Buddy Zone more tired and too complicated.

Then how to create an automatic image list without the need to type it manually? Check out the following tips.

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  • Prepare images to be included in the automatic image list.
  • Then, right click on the image, then insert caption. Look at the following picture.
Right click on the image, select Insert Caption (Photo: Student Zone Team)
  • Then, click New Label + type the description of the image as desired + OK.
Example of picture 1 with the description of Job Interview (Photo: Student Zone Team)

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  • Next, do the same for the other image.
  • Go to list of Figures previously created. Then click reference + table of figures + OK.
The list of pictures has been made (Photo: Student Zone Team)
  • Finished! The list of images will be neatly arranged along with the pages.

Tips for Creating an Automatic Image List in Ms. Word, Practically No Hassle

That’s a review of tips for making a list of images that are practical and easy to practice. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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