Tips for designing a house with a cheap budget that doesn’t make your pockets empty

Currently, there are many choices of home designs that you can imitate and get from various media. One of them is a modern minimalist home design that is still a favorite of many people. In terms of size, a minimalist house is indeed small for some people. But you can change the decoration to be attractive and beautiful with the right arrangement. So, here’s how to design a house with a cheap budget that doesn’t make your pockets empty below!

You don’t need a lot of money to decorate the facade of the house, you can start from choosing a minimalist iron fence like this. Then complete it with a carport cover from a strong and durable Alderon canopy. Do not forget to provide space around the house, enough with a residential garden will feel fresh. Then make a minimalist garden in the patio area complete with chairs that sweeten the exterior of the house.

Home terraces that are easy to imitate

Turning to the terrace area of ​​the house, this easy decoration for you to try to apply only requires a few ways. Place two stools in front of the complete terrace along with the coffee table. You can add a natural impression with durable ornamental plants such as palms, mother-in-law’s tongue to aloe vera. In addition to adding easy and beautiful decorations, the fresh atmosphere of the terrace is very cool for gathering with family.

Living room near the stairs space-saving solution

One way to take advantage of a home interior is under a ladder like this. Using a small space for the living room as well as the family room. Use a sofa with a different color contrast between the walls to give the room a more colorful look. You can choose an earthy, brown trocial motif cushion. To be more charming, use a zebra motif that further enhances the appearance of this space.

Contrast one part in the bedroom

In order to make the bedroom look comfortable to rest and relax, it is necessary to design a room in the house as beautiful as possible. Although there are not many ways, you can start by using a blanket with a different contrasting orange color like this. Besides being able to refresh the view, having a color blanket like this can make the bedroom more colorful and fun.

Change the balcony of the house for a relaxing area

With a low budget, changing the small side of the house like this balcony can be a comfortable place to relax. Being on the second floor of the house, the size of the balcony that is not too large allows for easier design. Use used drums and design as beautiful as possible so that it is contemporary. Lay out a palm plant for a fresh and natural balcony corner.


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