Tips for Finding Cheap and Easy Boarding Houses for Nomads

As an overseas child, the obstacles I most often encounter are looking for boarding. On the one hand I feel excited because I will be living in a new place, on the other hand I am also having trouble finding a suitable place.

In my opinion, finding a boarding house is easy. Especially now, in an era that is completely online, we can find boarding houses directly through sites or platforms on the internet.

The challenge may be more because as newcomers, we are not too familiar with the city we just visited, such as the location or the name of the street.

Based on my experience as a nomad, I will share some tips for finding boarding which hopefully can help you find the right choice.

Things to consider when looking for a boarding house

There are several important things to consider when looking for a boarding house, namely:


Location is the most important criterion for me in finding a new boarding house. I will definitely choose a boarding house that is close to the office where I work.

Especially in Jakarta, where the traffic jams are extraordinary. I do not want to spend hours on the road because the distance between the boarding house and the office is far.

The first time I got a job in Jakarta, my office was located in Bendungan Hilir so when looking for a boarding house I only searched based on the surrounding location.

As a result, I found a boarding house which was only a 5-minute walk away.

It’s the same when I moved to a company whose office was located in Cengkareng. After looking around the area, I finally got an apartment which was only 10 minutes away by motorcycle taxi.

By choosing the right location, I can save a lot of time.

I have more time to rest because I don’t need to get up early, after work I also have free time to use for other activities.

In addition to a location close to the office or university (if you are still in college), it’s a good idea to look for a boarding house that is also not too far from public transportation, for example close to a busway stop.

I also make sure that in the area around the boarding house there are minimarkets/supermarkets and places to eat.

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After finding a suitable location, I just looked for a boarding house that fits my budget. Everyone’s budget is of course different.

The price of the boarding house also depends on the facilities provided by the boarding house.

The more boarding facilities offered, the more expensive the boarding house rental price.

I have my own benchmark in determining the budget that I am willing to spend on boarding, which is 15-20% of salary.

Also check the payment method, is it per month, per three months, per six months or per year? Does the price include electricity and water?

Boarding Facilities

Each boarding house has different facilities. Some of the facilities usually offered by boarding houses are air conditioning, bathroom (inside or outside), kitchen, furniture, clean water, wifiparking lots, and so on.

Location and facilities will affect the price of the boarding house. Adjust to your needs and budget. Honestly, I’m quite the person simpleas long as I can sleep comfortably and clean I am satisfied.


Security is an important factor that must also be considered when looking for a boarding house. Look for a boarding house located in a safe area where the crime rate is low.

It would be better if the boarding house had an adequate security system such as security officers or surveillance cameras.

As a woman, I feel safer living in a female-only boarding house, but yes, this goes back to individual choices.

Recommended sites or platforms for finding boarding houses

As I mentioned earlier, finding a boarding house is quite easy with a site or platform that can help with searching.

Here are 7 recommended sites or platforms that you can use to find boarding houses.

1. RedDoorz, a site for finding boarding houses with a distinctive red color

The name RedDoorz may be familiar, especially for those who like to travel. RedDoorz is one of the sites of choice for finding accommodation while on vacation.

It turns out that RedDoorz also provides long-term accommodation, both in the form of apartments and boarding rooms.

There are 3 types of housing offered by RedDoorz, namely: Residences by RedDoorz, Residences by RedDoorz Apartmentand Kool Kost.

The advantage of boarding houses at RedDoorz is that all rooms have a standard that has been adjusted, so you don’t have to worry about the condition of the boarding house and also the facilities provided. Boarding prices at RedDoorz are also quite friendly.

reddoorz . site

2. Infokost, offers quite a lot of residential options

Infokost is a boarding house search site or platform that has been connecting boarding house owners and seekers since 2007.

There are quite a few residential options on this site, all of which have been verified by the Infokost team.

This site has quite a variety of features, such as search filters, history of boarding house searches you’ve done, and also applications that you can download.

Infokost works with RedDoorz so you can also find RedDoorz boarding houses on this site.

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infokost site

3. Yukstay, Find a Boarding House with a Co-Living Theme in the Apartment

This site is suitable for those who prefer an apartment as a residence. Currently, Yukstay is more focused on the Greater Jakarta and Surabaya areas.

I personally like the appearance of the Yukstay site which is clean.

There are 2 types of models that you can choose when renting an apartment at Yukstay, namely co-living and whole unit.

The concept of co-living is to share an apartment but with different rooms so the price is cheaper. Whole unit is renting the whole apartment for private.

The price can be per month or per year. Of course if you take it per year it will be cheaper.

All apartments on the Yukstay site are available fully furnished.

The advantage of living in an apartment, you can use facilities such as: gym and also the swimming pool.

Yukstay apartment search site

4. Find a boarding house, a platform for finding boarding houses throughout Indonesia

As the name implies, the Cari Kos site is also a boarding house search site spread throughout Indonesia. Not only boarding houses, there are also apartments, guest house, homestayand also villas.

Becoming a member on this site is free. Boarding owners can also post boarding properties on this site for free, so the prices mentioned are direct prices from the boarding house owners without any other intermediary fees.

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boarding house site

5. Babe boarding, can directly contact the owner of the boarding house

Another site that you can use is Babe Kost. On this site, there are many choices of rental housing from boarding rooms, apartments, villas, and others.

The information provided by Babe Kost is quite detailed and to the pointfrom property info, occupants, facilities, costs, and also the telephone number of the owner or boarding house manager.

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baby boarding house

6. Flokq, rent a premium boarding house apartment model

Flokq is a site with services that are more focused on renting out premium apartments with the concept co-living.

Their services include consulting where you can tell them what kind of apartment you want and their team will find an apartment that suits your needs.

Another advantage of using the Flokq site is virtual tour apartments that you can see directly on their site. In addition, the contract is also more flexible.

There are many advantages to joining Flokq such as rental prices which include electricity and water costs, complete facilities such as laundryparking, cleaning, wifias well as a gym and swimming pool.

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flokq boarding house search site

7. Rent a boarding house, finding a boarding house is so easy!

The last site you can use to find a boarding house is Rental Boarding. This site has many choices of boarding houses spread throughout Indonesia.

The advantage of the boarding house site is that you can filter your search according to the criteria you want, from the city location, type of boarding house (mixed / male / female / family), AC or without air conditioning, indoor or outdoor bathrooms, and also the price.

boarding house site

Steps to find a boarding house

Here are the steps you can take starting from looking for a boarding house to finding the right one:

  1. Search through boarding sites, you can go through the sites I mentioned above.
  2. Choose some suitable boarding house (3-5 boarding).
  3. Contact the landlord and make an appointment.
  4. Come to the boarding house to check the conditions.
  5. Choose the most suitable suit.

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Well, those are some tips and also recommendations for a boarding house search site or platform. Hopefully this information is useful and can help you in finding a boarding house, especially for immigrants.

If you have any other suggestions or tips that you can share, write them directly in the comments column below!

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