Tips for making millions of rupiah from selling domains (case study Indonesia)

The era is getting more digital, friend, you have to be able to find as many business flaws as possible from the world of websites, have you thought about selling domains? Some that are often encountered may be businesses making websites, website design, program design, maybe even becoming a hosting provider.

Did you know, friend, that domains can actually make a lot of money too!

Like the latest phenomenon in Indonesia, the domain names of the presidential/vice presidential candidates JOKOWI and MA’RUF can be sold for 2 billion rupiah, friend! The nominal is quite a lot when viewed from the basic selling price of the domain from Jagoan hosting which is only 78 thousand!

If so, how do we start a domain business? Check out the domain business idea below, friend, who knows you have the talent to get rich in the following way.


  1. Be sensitive to the situation!

Pay attention to what trends are happening in cyberspace, because there are so many opportunities that will arise from the needs of the community. For example, the case of Jokowi and Ma’ruf, who had to pay 2 billion when they had to own the domain. It was concluded that there might be someone who immediately bought the domain name quickly after the announcement of Jokowi’s candidacy! The key is to be responsive, friend, in selling domains.

Jokowi maruf
Jokowi maruf

  1. Select the TLD domain first.

The TLD domain is the domain that is the majority choice for building a website, friend! The .COM domain extension is becoming the most widely used, more than 50% of websites in the world use the .COM domain! If you want to hoard domains for resale, you should use a .com domain first, friend! New .Net .ID etc. Selling domains with TLD extensions is easier to attract, even potential buyers from abroad, friend

  1. Old domains can be very expensive, friend

Usually many website owners are not careful, let their domain names die and expire, even to the point of being snatched by people. Actually, a domain name that has been active already has traffic, and it is possible that there are still netizens who still remember the domain name, therefore a domain that has been used can also be very expensive. The higher the traffic, the better the domain name, the higher the price, friend.

  1. Be careful with brand names

If you deliberately use the domain name of a product, in the hope that the product can buy a domain from you, you should have a good reason, friend. Companies whose domain names you already have can sue, even though they are still gray and there are still many flaws, you should be careful, friend.

  1. Don’t charge too high a price!

If your domain name has obtained potential customers, you should negotiate well, friend. We learned from Jokowi and Ma’ruf’s website above, Jokowi’s team should have bought a domain name with another extension and didn’t have to pay 2 billion. Automatically the owner of the domain name loses the customer.

  1. Be sensitive to cheap domain opportunities

If you want a domain collection, you should buy a domain in the right place, don’t buy it at an expensive place, friend! Buy as many domains as you can when there are cheap ones like Jagoan Hosting. With just 78 thousand you can get a .com domain, friend! Rarely is there a .com domain with a price below 100 thousand. Get your .COM domain right away, friend:

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