Tips for Making Scholarship Essays, Number 6 Most Often Forgotten by New Students – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Has anyone ever made a special essay for a scholarship at home or abroad? What are the considerations in writing an essay, especially for scholarships? Check out Mimin’s review below, come on.

Essays have different names. Some call it letter of interest, motivational letters, personal statement, and much more.

Usually, essays have their own requirements such as having to consist of a minimum of 500, 1000, up to 3000 words. This makes many students feel confused because stuck what else to discuss in order to keep it interesting and not convoluted.

In this regard, Mimin has some tips. Check out the following review!

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1. Create a Hook (Opening)

Example of an opening essay (Photo: Student Zone Team)

Here you need to believe in yourself. Describe the opening of your essay with supporting data so that the sentence seems accurate.

2. Use the ‘STAR’ Method

STAR method in essay writing (Photo: Student Zone Team)

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Actionand Result. If you find it difficult to organize content per paragraph, you can use this method so that sentences can develop.

3. Arrange the Sentences Starting from the Situation

Example of writing Situation (Student Zone Team Photo)

In this case, Zone Buddy can tell you the initial situation you experienced. For example, you were once the student council president or the head of an organization that led several people, then continued with several job desk while serving as chairman.

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4. Arrange Your ‘Task’

Example of writing Task (Student Zone Team Photo)

In this section, you can relate to the difficulties faced while serving as chairman or as a member.

5. Arrange the ‘Action’

Example of writing Action (Student Zone Team Photo)

Then, from the difficulties that have been experienced, what can you do when you experience a pressing and difficult situation. From here, readers can judge you in terms of problem solving.

6. Arrange the ‘Results’

Example of writing Result (Student Zone Team Photo)

The most important thing about the composition of the Buddy Zone essay is how you can conclude an idea. From all the methods that you have compiled, write the result in the form of the result of the execution.

After the arrangement of ideas is complete, don’t forget to pay attention to all the arrangements from beginning to end.

You don’t have to compose all the methods above if you already have your own writing method. Make sure that the arrangement of your sentences and ideas is clear, coherent, and uncomplicated.

Tips for Making Scholarship Essays, Number 6 Most Often Forgotten Maba

That’s Mimin’s review of several things that must be considered in making student essays. How? Want to try now?

Hopefully it will provide benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes. Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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