Tips for Preventing Pregnancy when Mother is Breastfeeding

Jakarta – When breastfeeding, chances of pregnancy can occur at any time, Mother. So, how do you prevent pregnancy while breastfeeding? Let’s find out, Mother.

In general, many Busuis feel relaxed about the risks of pregnancy while breastfeeding. Moreover, they feel that exclusive breastfeeding can be a natural means of pregnancy control. In fact, the chance of pregnancy can still arise, yes, Mother. And, this is what many busuis out there often don’t realize.

According to Kelly Bonata, BS, IBCLC, the method of birth control with exclusive breastfeeding or called LAM refers to natural postpartum infertility that occurs when a woman does not menstruate due to breastfeeding. Many mothers receive conflicting information about breastfeeding and fertility issues.

For example, there is a myth that breastfeeding in any amount will prevent pregnancy regardless of the frequency of breastfeeding or whether the mother’s menstruation has returned.

“Exclusive breastfeeding has actually been proven to be an excellent form of birth control, but there are certain criteria that must be met for breast milk to be used effectively,” Kelly said. Kellymom.

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And, exclusive breastfeeding (by itself) is 98-99.5 percent effective in preventing pregnancy as long as all conditions are met. Among them are babies who are less than six months old, menstruation has not returned, and babies suckle day and night and get nothing but breast milk.

The chance of pregnancy itself is practically zero during the first three months, less than 2 percent between 3 and 6 months. And, about 6 percent after 6 months (assuming the busui has not returned to her menstrual cycle).

For women whose menstrual cycles have returned earlier tend to be infertile for the first few cycles. And, breasts whose cycles return later are more likely to ovulate before their first period.

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