Tips for Safe Sex so Mom & Dad Don’t Worry About Your Little One


Maintaining sexual relations in marriage is indeed important, Mother. In addition to meeting biological needs, this is also a milestone in the harmonious relationship between Father and Mother.

In a sexual relationship, there are actually three stages that are important to fulfill. The goal, so that husband and wife can achieve mutual satisfaction.

“It takes three stages to be perfect, namely foreplay, intercourse, and afterplay,” said Dr. Haekal Anshari, M. Biomed (AAM), as an anti-aging doctor who is also a sexologist, quoted from the account. Instagram @dr.haekalanshari.

In addition to these three things, Father and Mother also need to understand that to achieve quality sex can be achieved by three factors, namely:

1. Emotional or emotional involvement

According to Haekal, feelings or emotions are very important, you know, Mother. Because if this is fulfilled, then there is a different satisfaction that arises during sexual intercourse.

“There is emotional involvement, that’s the most important thing,” he said, on ipadguides Live on Instagram @ipadguidescom, on Tuesday (30/11/2021) night.

2. There is no sexual function disorder

This needs to be met from both sides. “This means, for example, from the husband’s side there is no erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and on the wife’s side there is no libido disorder or orgasm barrier,” he said.

3. Can provide satisfaction for both parties

It is important to know that achieving satisfaction and enjoyment for both parties is important. Haekal says that there is a difference between the two.

“There is a difference in pleasure and satisfaction. If pleasure, this is orgasm. Everyone can achieve orgasmic pleasure even without sex. For example, by masturbating,” he said.

“But if it’s satisfaction, it’s because of emotional involvement with other people. So what is called ideal sexual satisfaction is that in addition to achieving pleasure, it can also provide satisfaction for both parties.”

Then, what if the child does not want to separate rooms?

When you have toddlers, Mom and Dad may find it difficult to carry out the three stages of sexual intercourse above. Because it could be, the obstacle experienced is that the child does not want to separate rooms.

If this happens, Haekal suggests that Mom and Dad try to have sex by stealing time. But what needs to be considered is that you should never force your child to be in the same place, even if they are sleeping.

“When the child is 4 years old but doesn’t want to separate rooms, then try to make Mom and Dad steal the time. But don’t keep forcing sex when there are children, because the risk of being caught is high,” said Haekal.

“Therefore, if the child still does not want to be separated, Father and Mother must arrange or steal time. For example, on a special night, the child can be entrusted to his grandparents.”

Furthermore, Haekal also explained the purpose of stealing time which he mentioned earlier. He suggested, this can be done at certain moments, Mother.

“I mean about stealing time, having sex doesn’t have to be in bed. It can be done in the bathroom when the children are playing,” he said.

So, what if there is anxiety that your child will suddenly catch you when Mom and Dad are ‘ahem’? Let’s read the Hekal doctor’s explanation on the next page.

Check out the three reasons why it’s hard for you to reach orgasm during sex, in the following video:

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