Tips for Submitting a Thesis Title to Be Fast on Acc Dospem – Student Zone – Hello, Friend Zona. As a final student who will write a thesis, you must have prepared a research topic that will be used. However, before that you must first arrange the title of the thesis as well as possible. Then, submit the title of the thesis to the supervisor.

Usually, the lecturer will ask students to submit two to three thesis titles for consideration. If all the titles that you submit do not get approval, then you have to repeat again to make a more appropriate title.

So from that, how do you submit a thesis title to the lecturer so you can get it quickly? acc or approval? Check out the following review.

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How to Get Acc from Lecturers

Illustration of submitting thesis title (Photo: Your Plan)

1. ATM

ATM or Observe, Imitate, This modification can be applied by final students in finding and determining thesis titles. Maybe Zone Buddy can make observations on the title of the senior’s thesis, then modify it according to the topic taken.

Then, you can also observe other people’s thesis or research titles through a Google search. You do this by looking for the keywords that you will use, for example, for example the title of a thesis in the field of literature.

Don’t forget to adjust to your respective fields or majors. If you have found it, all you have to do is read and from there you will get inspiration to write a thesis title. In addition, Zone Buddy will also know the correct pattern when making a thesis title.

2. Take advantage of Google Scholar

Now the second tip, after getting the thesis title idea, you just need to look for a more detailed explanation of the phenomena that occur through Google Scholar. How you can search for detailed topics such as comparative literature.

From this search, several articles or thesis belonging to other people will appear related to the topic you are looking for. Moreover, you can include articles or research in Google Scholar in Chapter 2, namely Library Studies.

If possible, look for topics that may not be widely used in Indonesia. So, the way is to search using English keywords that are relevant to your research topic. The hope is that the title of your thesis will immediately get approval from the lecturer.

3. Master the Concepts in Thesis Title

Next, you must master all the concepts in the title of your thesis. For example, you will take the topic of analyzing novels using comparative literature theory.

Well, from there you have to understand very well about the novel being studied to the theory used. Starting from the understanding, the types, to the problems that exist when using the topic.

In addition, when submitting a thesis title, prepare 2-3 titles to be submitted to the supervisor. Then, don’t forget to prepare a small note regarding the title of the thesis so that when asked, you can answer smoothly.

Tips for Submitting Thesis Title to be Fast on Dospem Acc

That’s Mimin’s review of tips for submitting the title of a final assignment or thesis so that it quickly gets approval alias acc from the supervisor.

Hopefully this review is useful for Friend Zone. Don’t forget to keep abreast of news about students and the world of lectures and always turn on notifications. See you later.

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