Tips for Using Emojis to Get Your Messages to the Hearts of Customers

According to an analysis of the top 500 brands initiated by Socialbakers about 59 percent of brands include emoji in their tweets and about 40 percent include it in Facebook posts.

An Appboy study found that there was a staggering 777 percent increase in the use of emoji in branded product marketing content. And about 92 percent of the online population has used it in their daily conversations.

Here are the overall results of using emoji in branded campaigns:

  • Twitter noted that using emoji resulted in about 25% more engagement than before.
  • Facebook notes that emojis drive people over 57% more likes and 33% more comments and shares.
  • Instagram posts now have 50% of comments and captions filled with emojis.

Now that you know why emoji are so useful, here are some tips to help you use emojis efficiently and effectively in your content marketing.

1. Use emojis naturally

Giving emoji is usually done if the delivery of information cannot be expressed in just one or two words. For example, “T_T” conveys that you are sad. But it would be a little clunky if it was conveyed in words. Just post a sad emoji to convey a clear meaning. It’s important to use emojis naturally and not to put too much in your content. For example, when you have marketing content related to one of your products, where you convey it in the form of all emoticons.


providing information like the above, your content marketing may not be interesting at all. Because the essence of your message is not conveyed clearly.

2. Identify which emoji suits your target customers

Because there are so many emojis available in the social world, we need to understand the meaning of the various emoji models. So you can adjust what emoji should be included in the ad according to what you have targeted.

id="3-gunakan-emoji-untuk-mendorong-keterikatan-secara-real-time">3. Use emoji to encourage real-time engagement

Emojis can encourage engagement in real-time. For example, when you are chatting with customers, it would be better if you add an emoji at the end of the sentence or after you provide assistance. Because it can encourage bonding between you and your customers.

id="4-membuat-emoji-sendiri-sesuai-produk-jasa-yang-kamu-pasarkan">4. Make your own emoji according to the product/service you are marketing

Digiday revealed that more than 250 brands released their own emoji keyboard in 2016 . Such a move can give a lot of attention to the product/service brand, thereby increasing the number of visitors to the brand. Where the ending occurs communication between the customer and the service/product provider. For example, when running a service business Indonesia’s best web hostingwhich must also be close to customers through messages sent to customers.

5. Don’t overuse emoji

Going to sea with a strategy like Chevrolet, can only result in large losses and minimal profits. Don’t put too many emojis in your marketing content, because this can spoil the main information you are going to convey. In addition, customers may think that the marketing content lacks intention, because it seems very relaxed.

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6. Emoji in your marketing content

Although emoji affixing has been proven to have the effect of increasing user engagement, in using it in marketing content you need to think twice before publishing it to the media. Make sure you have targeted the right target so that later your content can attract many users to see the products/services being marketed.

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