Tips for using Instagram stories for your online business

Tips for using Instagram stories for your online business

Are you an online businessman who uses Instagram as a business medium?

Did you know that you can use Instagram, especially the Instagram Stories feature to build your business so that it can be easily recognized by many people?

If you don’t know, this time will share a number of tips for building your business through Instagram stories.

Of course this will have an impact on your business. Then how, see the following article.

About Instagram Stories you should know

One of the features on Instagram that you should try, is using Instagram Stories. What exactly are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories is a feature that can be used to update photos, text and videos that can be viewed for 24 hours from publication.

Uploading photos, text, and videos will appear full screen on smartphones, this is certainly different from updating Instagram posts.

For Instagram users who don’t want a messy post feed, they will choose to use Instagram stories as a quick update every day.

Another advantage of Instagram Stories is that you don’t need to edit to make it better and more organized, because the time it takes to display it is only 24 hours, so usually posting to Instagram stories feels more natural, and honest.


when you start using Instagram stories for business, then you must be able to make followers feel close to the business you have.

That way, followers will continue to follow every update to the latest story from the business you are running. Of course, you can use this to build relationships with your potential customers.

For those of you who are still confused about using and creating Instagram stories, pay attention to the following ways.


to use or create instagram stories

For those of you who like to play Instagram, surely you already know and have used Instagram stories, but what about people who don’t know the features of Instagram?

No problem, because will share an easy way to create Instagram stories.

your Instagram application on your smartphone
When you first open Instagram, you will enter on the home page, where you will get feed posts from the accounts you follow
There are 3 ways that you can use to get to the Instagram Stories feature, the first way you can swipe your screen to the right (swipe right), the second way you can see the camera button on the top left, and the third way you can directly press your profile photo.
Now then, the stories camera is active
You can add images / videos through your gallery or you can use the photo / video features directly, by pressing the circle button in the middle
If you think your story is good, you can tap your story at the bottom left of your screen


easy, right? When you already know how to update Instagram stories, it’s time for you to use Instagram for your business. It doesn’t take long, here are easy tips for using Instagram stories for business.

Tips for using Instagram stories for your online business

Tips for using Instagram stories for business

Using Instagram stories is not just a hard selling technique, but more a soft selling technique. So this time will share soft selling techniques with the aim of building your brand on Instagram.

1. Showing behind the scene process

You can share the process of how your business runs. Because then your followers feel that the product you are selling is not just a fake product and can be trusted.

Maybe in the past the business only knew about the finished product, didn’t know the packaging or distribution process. So for that you can start showing your business processes are run.

For example, you sell t-shirt fashion products, you can show how t-shirts are made or just the packing process.


this makes your interested followers decide to make a purchase. Because they believe, the business you are running is a business that can be trusted.

2. Creating educational content

Most potential consumers are thirsty for information on a product that interests them. For that you need to create educational content about the business you are running.

Creating educational content also aims to educate new customers, it can also be used to continue to retain old customers.

Consumers will follow each of your stories content, if they feel the content is useful for them. So they don’t feel like you’re selling.

When you create educational content for stories, you should only write down a few topics that are important, so that the text can be read and not distracting.

If your followers want to read more educational content, you can add a link to your website. This of course can provoke traffic to your website.

3. Video tutorials about your selling products

The form of video is also considered more effective than others, because it can increase the interaction of your followers.

You can provide a video that contains information about your product, for example, you sell t-shirts, then you can give a good way to wash t-shirts, how to mix and match t-shirts with subordinates, or other things related to your business.

In this way, your potential customers will no longer hesitate to buy the product you are selling.

4. Using the swipe up feature

One feature that you can use to direct your followers to a website page or another is the swipe up feature. This feature helps business owners to get traffic from social media and selling websites.

But unfortunately not all Instagram accounts have swipe up accounts. Only certain accounts can use this feature. Of course, it is an account that already has a lot of followers.

5. Expand video content

As stated earlier, video content does have more effectiveness than photo content. Because Instagram’s own algorithm, which displays more video content than other content.

You can see this in the explore column, where you will find a lot of video story content, ig tv content and even live content. So you can try to reproduce video content as your business content.

Tips for using Instagram stories for your online business

6. Take advantage of the Instagram Q&A feature

Instagram itself has launched a new feature, namely Q & A (Question and Answer) on Instagram stories. You can use this as a tool to try to communicate with your followers.

Instagram stories that contain Q&A tend to be more active, you can try to give / ask questions to followers, or you give your followers the opportunity to ask questions about your business.

7. Hold a Poll

The Instagram feature that you can try to use is the poll feature. This feature is useful so that followers can immediately provide feedback on the business you are running.

For example, if you are going to produce a new product, you can give your followers a choice which product to produce first. By following the opinions of followers, it is possible that many products will be sold.

8. Showing the latest feeds

The advantage that Instagram Stories has next is that it is able to display the latest feed posts that you can make into stories.

That way your followers will know about your posts. You can also use this as an opportunity to get engagement from likes, comments and shares.

9. Save on stories highlights

Because the nature of Instagram stories is only 24 hours, it’s possible that there are followers who don’t know. So you can save your stories in stories highlights.

You don’t need to install all stories, just install stories that contain information and you think are important. Like about the latest products, tutorials, educational tips, or other things.

10. Using small business support features

Recently, Instagram has launched a new feature, namely the small business support feature. This feature was created to support business people in facing the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

Now you can use this to help your business to be known to more people.

So, those are the tips that you can use on Instagram stories to make your online business more in demand.

So use Instagram as a place to build your brand, not just about selling. Try to use the tips above so that your business is growing.