Tips for Writing Essays to Load Multiple Sentences, Multi-page Auto – Student Zone – Hello Friend Zone, how are you today? May you always be healthy, yes. Did you know that writing essays for college or competitions requires good planning and arrangement?

However, it is possible that you have also felt that writing essays requires a systematic arrangement of sentences. Moreover, if there is a requirement that reads “at least the essay contains 3000-5000 words”, surely you are also confused about how to develop it.

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Don’t worry, Mimin has tips for those of you who find it difficult to write essays that require many pages. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the following reviews.

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In writing essays, the sentence “according to me or according to what I think” is often used by some students. However, this sentence can be developed from two perspectives.

Taking two perspectives will not only help you develop essay ideas, but can also support your opinion to make it seem more accurate. Buddy Zone can take the point of view of several experts, then conclude with their own language.

Change the editorial ‘Even though’ to ‘Despite the fact that…’

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Often editorial ‘although’ is used in one-sentence essays. In fact, the word will be able to develop more if you replace it with ‘despite the fact that…’ because it will be more positive and not seem provocative to one topic.

Conclude Two Views (Perspectives) in the Last Paragraph

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The two views that Zone Buddy have summarized into a systematic editorial can make your views richer. You don’t have to conclude the two views into one conclusion, but you can discuss them one by one.

For example, there are negative points of view and positive points of view on things. You can discuss negative point of view first then try to summarize the point of view with your perspective.

Once the negative point of view and your own perspective are complete, move on to the positive point of view and do the same. This way, your writing will be longer, seem dense, and remain systematic.

Those are tips on how to write an essay so that it contains many sentences. Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes.

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