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“Already until, not yet?”

“Still far, no?

“So boring bye!!”

Maybe the chatter is like a child complaining in the back seat of his father’s car. But, actually it was my own rambling during the first half hour of the trip, out of 14 days of total trip…

Actually, I don’t really like road trip. I am very lazy, even if only as a passenger. And, I at all no can sleep while in a moving car. Moreover, small cars that vibrate when maneuvering is very pronounced.

Terios @ Ranu Pane – TN. Bromo Tengger Semeru

It’s a disgrace: when I was little, I took an angkot that went to school for a while and I felt nauseous. Have you ever traveled to Bandung through the peak, I jackpot along the way.

Luckily, now I’m no longer easily nauseous. The most important problem is: bored!

Therefore, I – who is currently traveling 3000 kilometers by car, are trying to find tips to make our trip enjoyable.

Classic tips that everyone knows about: bring your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, bring lots of snacks, use a neck pillow, and so on. However, these tips are only valid for a few hours. What if the journey takes weeks? Let’s look at an example of a road trip that makes this butt hot.

Home from Tengger

In 2011, travel blogger Sherry Ott took part in the Mongol Rally. The journey is 14,000 km, or about 14 times the length of the island of Java, from London in England to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. The challenge is also added to just driving a small 2002 Nissan Almera, with three strangers all meeting for the first time.

We resist boredom and lack of physical activity by choosing a specific city to spend the day and doing physical activities such as cycling or just walking. There’s nothing worse than sitting in the car all day for 5 weeks to make your muscles shrink and fat gain.” Ott explained.

My blogger-mate!

Well, eleven-twelve is like my challenge in this Terios 7 wonders. Even though it’s only 3000 km and using a Daihatsu Terios car which is quite comfortable.

On such a long journey, we not only need rest, but really need a distraction that can make us free from boredom.

Crossing kinahrejo

From my driver, Bang Ucok who has often traveled around Indonesia by car, he prefers not to use GPS and asks local residents for directions. Chatting with other people during short stops, apart from taking a break, can also relieve boredom.

But, in this journey of Terios 7 wonders, I found one thing that is most important of all: sense of humor!

Gasoline filling and ‘strangling sister’ ritual

There are seven cars in our group, each car has access to broadcast communication in the form of handy talkies. In addition to making the leader able to provide commands and information, handy talkie also serves as our private entertainment radio.

Little things like when you want to stop to pee – for example – someone will say, “Terios 5 is in. Excuse me, someone wants to strangle their ‘brother’. Please stop for a moment at the nearest gas station.”

Various witty comments also appeared to answer this.

Or some other time, we’re playing a guessing game jayus which can lighten the mood. Although the guesses can sometimes be predicted, it’s a bit dirty and dry because most of those who participate are mostly uncles.

The GPS sucks…

“Why Daihatsu Terios named Terios?” asked one random voice on our HT.

Everyone thought hard, no one could answer the question that maybe the Daihatsu manager couldn’t answer it.

A few moments later, accompanied by laughter, the voice reappeared, “Yes, it’s obvious that the name is terrorist, the police will arrest him.”


@ipadguides : A roadtrip can make strangers into friends, even lovers! 🙂

Greetings ship line!

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