Tired and Feeling No Longer Love, What Should You Do with Your Husband?


Marriage is the happiest moment in one’s life. By getting married, Mom and Dad can get to know each other better.

Unfortunately, the romantic moments in marriage usually don’t last long, Mother. At certain stages, Mother begins to feel boredom, boredom, and even emptiness in married relationships.

According to Clinical Psychologist, Mahesti Pertiwi, M.Psi, from Sari Asih Hospital, Ciputat, boredom in marriage is normal for married couples, Mother. Even so, according to psychology there is never such a thing as a level of saturation.

“Feeling tired and bored in a marriage relationship is normal. There is a point of saturation, a point of boredom, a point of emptiness, is a natural thing,” said Mahesti in Hi Mother Live in Instagram @ipadguidescomTuesday (9/11/2021) night.

“In theory, there is no (level of saturation in a relationship). Maybe you can ask how he feels. (Whether) Very saturated, or very saturated, or unsaturated. Well, that’s how everyone feels differently.”

Not only that, it turns out that boredom in a partner can also be influenced by everyone’s experience, Mother. Therefore, the level of saturation can vary.

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“Everyone’s experience of feeling can be different, because the saturation (taste) is related to how the individual feels,” he said.

Saturation can also come because Mom and Dad never feel tension in the household, here. Because of this, Mother feels that married life is very monotonous and boring.

There are things that can be done to fix this, Mother. According to Mahesti, the first thing that needs to be done is to communicate.

“No matter how close the relationship with a partner, with parents, other people will not know how we feel if we do not communicate,” he said.

You also need to understand and know what you are feeling. After that, you can talk to your partner.

“Pause for a moment for each other. Starting from yourself, realizing what you are feeling? Why? Then, slowly (can) discuss it with your partner,” suggested Mahesti.

So, in married life, honesty and openness are needed in partners. Don’t forget to tell Dad, Mom.



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