To be safe, don’t write your girlfriend’s name in the foreword, but write your boyfriend’s name in the bibliography – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who really wants to julidate students. But, that doesn’t mean you want to drop your mentality or just want to break the spirit of students. Because this is just Mimin’s expression and thoughts about a final student whose boyfriend always insists on writing in the preface to the thesis.

There are many stories about students whose boyfriends want to be flattered, want to be there every step of the way, want to be mentioned in every word, so that whatever it is, they must not forget their boyfriends and girlfriends. Students in this category really like Mimin to see, moreover, their uwuu friendship is definitely romantic.

But, is it true that he will be happy when his perfect girlfriend asks to always be there? Especially in the writing of the preface to the thesis?

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If Matchmaking Is Safe, What If Not Matching?

Illustration of college students dating (Photo: Your Plan)

This is a simple question phrase that isn’t very interesting, nor is it too stressful. But if the Zone Buddy feels the need to think, go ahead. Because Mimin feels that writing the boyfriend’s name in the introductory sentence of the thesis is not a good enough idea, for several reasons that we must discuss together.

First, mate is not in our hands. Match is not in our hands, but in the hands of God. If you put the name of your girlfriend in the preface to the thesis and it turns out that he is not our soul mate, then we will be the ones who will bear the answer when many people ask questions.

Second, not everything has to be followed. In the world of love, maybe bucin is okay, dear half-hearted and half-dead please. However, not all affection propagates to all are obeyed. It will be a burden and an old sin that many people will find out later if they are not married.

Third, yes you can but put it in the bibliography. You may include your girlfriend’s name, but don’t put it in this thesis, namely in the preface of the thesis. Better Friend Zone just put it in the list of centers, hehe. So that later it will be safer and be considered part of the script citation.

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Don’t all of us just follow

Illustration of angry courtship (Photo; IDN Times)

If the Zone Buddy is a man, we don’t have to obey all of the boyfriend’s wishes. Not all love must always surrender to what the boyfriend says. Moreover, Zone Buddy is a man who will of course later become a leader, family representative, and also has a large role in the family. So, you have to be brave enough to make the right decision and learn from it now.

If the Zone Buddy is a girl, if a man understands he will follow you on your word. If he does not understand, then he will always demand and force you anything. So it is necessary for you to consider men who always impose their will.

It’s better to prevent than to correct. Because, we are still dating, not a family, we don’t have to follow all the desires and we also live. Including the name of the do’i in the thesis.

To be safe, don’t write your girlfriend’s name in the foreword, but write your boyfriend’s name in the bibliography

That’s a glimpse of Mimin’s simple clotehan that I want to convey to Zone Friends. Don’t forget to put it in the bibliography rather than in the introduction, hehe..

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