To Make It More Optimal, Here’s How to Upgrade Windows 11!

To Make It More Optimal, Here's How to Upgrade Windows 11!

How to Upgrade Windows 11 – When you have a computer device or laptopOf course, you are already familiar with the Windows operating system made by the Microsoft company, right?

When compared to OS (operating systemOn the other hand, Windows is a favorite OS because it has a number of advantages when applied to a device.

When viewed from the journey of Windows since it was first released in 1985 until now. The first version of the Windows OS was type 1.0 with the implementation of a 16-bit system and MS-DOS which was then followed by versions 2.0, 3.0, 9.5, 9.8, 2000, XP, Vista and 7, 8, 10, and 11.

Talking about Windows 11, the version that was just released in the middle of 2021 is already through upgrade which of course maximizes the performance of computer devices optimally. The previous version, namely Windows 10, has succeeded in attracting users to reach 1.3 billion in 2015.

To Make It More Optimal, Here's How to Upgrade Windows 11!

The Reason Windows OS Becomes a Favorite

Before discussing specifically about Windows 11, of course you are curious, what are the advantages of the Windows OS that made it popular and ranked number one on computer devices? Here are some of the main reasons!

  • Suitable for variety softwareespecially those that require devices editing such as Adobe Photoshop or Camtasia. The good news, Windows also provides features freeware which makes it easy for many users to get various kinds of software for free alias free!
  • The flexibility of Windows to a variety of devices is certainly very easy for computer users to maximize their performance using this type of OS. Moreover, the operating system is easy to understand compared to other OS because it has a very good UX and UI.
  • Apart from being easy toinstallWindows is also very easy to develop and upgrade without having to change devices, thus helping many people, especially programmers, in repairing systems that should be repaired.

Advantages of Windows 11 OS

Entering 2021, the Windows OS version 11 actually has various advantages when compared to the previous version, such as:

  • Appearance settingsit is more practical and simple, making it easier for users to manage Windows OS on their devices.
  • There are additional widget supporters like interest (interest), weather (weather), and news (news)
  • Users are also given the opportunity to customize the appearance desktop them with the Snap Layout feature. The main function of Snap Layout is to display various menus that will be displayed on the main screen, so that users have no trouble finding it icon the most frequently used.
  • For Android users, Windows 11 can be operated on computer devices with the emulator feature thanks to a technology called Intel Bridge, so the Android OS which is usually used in smartphone can be used on a computer.

How to Upgrade Windows 11 OS

If you are interested in doing upgrade OS to Windows 11, there are several requirements that you must fulfill, for example, such as 4 GB of RAM, a 64-bit processor capable of traveling speeds of up to 1 GHz. Next, how to do upgrade The Windows 11 OS is as follows:

  • choose menu options->go to updates and security->navigate to Windows updates.
  • If the choice of Windows updates already available, of course you will find the words “Feature update to Windows 11“. After that, just follow the instructions that are directed until finally Windows 11 is successfully installed.install.

Because Windows 11 is proven to have better performance compared to previous versions, of course it doesn’t hurt to do this upgrade so that your computer device performs better. Moreover, the features provided by Windows 11 are ready to pamper users in carrying out various activities with ease.

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