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A local wisdom in Bena Village, Flores, Indonesia, said that they must live in harmony with nature. They even won’t change the contour if they want to build something. The shapes of their villages resemble a ship. Symbolizes the spirit of cooperation, hard work, and mutual aid.
Someone want to build a house, it means the whole village will take part. The house frame made by a bamboo. The wood and dry weed takes the entire finish. No metal parts.
All villagers have a spirit of cooperation. They bring food and the other necessities to help the house owner. They treat others like their family. Nothing individuals like these days. There are no internet, even electricity just run a few hours during evening.
They don’t use a nail, they just use a thread made by dry weed to tied the entire frame. The roof also made my dry weed to help control the temperature inside. In hot days, inside will be cool. On chilly days, inside will be warm.
This is the example of how the life should be. Bena village people teach me to become useful to other people. That is what we call a proper life. Help people without intended purpose.

An application letter for NatGeo travel photography scholarship. And for myself.

Until today, I just take photo to reveal a beauty.

Nothing wrong with that, before I realized there are lack of something in my photo. stories. A story to move people. A story to make people care more about their land, their mother nature, and people around them.

I live in country where 17,000 island inside, in the size of Europe. There are a hundred races, hundred languages, thousand cultures, and not to mention the grand landscape around them. This is why I fell in I love traveling and photography. Because I can share the photo to people what they cannot experience, even imagine.

Now, instead of just capturing a sunset with slow speed water motion, I am thinking photography is a thing that connects us as people. It carries a very strong power to people to create an emotion, attitude, and idea. And now, I think what makes a great photo isn’t just a great light, composition, and moment. It’s when all elements come together to connect the emotion of the viewer. Powerful emotions.

And this is where i’m lacking at.

I know I’m just dreaming to get Jason’s mentorship. But, surely I really need that. And if a have a chance, I will learn harder to make photograph means for a better world.

I am always dreaming travel around the world and taking pictures. I don’t want to dream about it again. Because now, I really want to travel around the world to create compelling story about what really matters to help all people and creatures get a better life. I am asking Jason to fullfill my dream I am ready to work hard to take my passion to the next level.

Best Regards,

ipadguides from Indonesia.


I’ve been participating in this competition since 2008. Never once, not even in the top 50. This year, I also realized that I didn’t deserve to be the winner.

But, competition is good. It makes you a better one. Seeing hundred of people working harder than you, makes you want to work harder than them.

See you next year!

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