Too Sick of being regulated by college majors, a child hires a hit man to kill his parents – Student Zone – Too fed up with his parents’ restraints, a child hires a hitman to kill his parents. A genius girl, Jennifer Pan commits a murder by hiring 3 gunmen with guns.

The murder left Jennifer Pan’s mother dead after receiving three gun shots and her father, who had two gunshots, still alive.

Get to know Jennifer

Jennifer Pan sentenced to life without parole for 25 years |  CBC News
Jennifer’s Illustration (Photo: Cbc)

Launching from (19/02/2020) the girl who is known as a genius is desperate to kill her parents’ lives because of depression by her demands to become an achiever child.

Jennifer Pan is the golden child of the family, during her studies at Catholic High School and easily graduated as a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto Canada which is known as a favorite campus.

Jennifer’s parents are refugees from Vietnam who migrated to Canada. To support their two children, they have to work hard as laborers. This is what makes Jennifer’s parents have very high hopes.

They want their daughter to study hard and to excel in education. In addition, Jennifer’s parents who are disciplined tend to be harsh, for Jennifer and her sister, Felix, Jennifer.

Jennifer is disciplined in taking piano and skating lessons and mastering both very well. Jennifer also practices martial arts and is a good swimmer. Apart from extracurriculars, he is a model student who diligently studies until late at night.

For Jennifer’s parents education is everything. There are no parties and courtship in his family.

However, the positive side that appears from Jennifer is actually something that is hidden. Lies, hatred, and revenge lead to horrific acts that destroy Jennifer’s family and self.

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Parental Suppression Kills Jennifer’s Dream

Picture of Jennifer’s parents (Photo: The Star)

All her parents’ expectations made Jennifer feel depressed. When grade 8, Jennifer’s learning achievement began to drop. He was no longer enthusiastic about learning and his grades began to drop, slowly his confidence decreased.

To cover it up, Jennifer began to make lying a habit. So that Jennifer lives a double life full of fakes. Jennifer’s parents thought her daughter was a model student, a grade “A” student. However, in reality he was only a class “B”.

According to Jennifer’s family getting a B is a disgrace. Jennifer covered it up by postulating her report card score.

However, the value is pretty good, making Ryerson, University in Toronto accept it.

However, Jennifer failed in calculus at the end of her studies.

Not wanting to disappoint him, he pretended to go to college, studying science for 2 years at Ryerson University, before continuing his studies in pharmacy at the prestigious University of Toronto.

The lies that haven’t stopped, Jennifer collects used books, lies to get a scholarship so her parents don’t suspect because they never asked for money to pay for college.

Every morning Jennifer said goodbye to her parents for college. However, in fact he went to a library.

When graduation, the black-haired girl lied again by saying, the invitations distributed to the parents were limited.

Jennifer’s Lies Revealed

Jennifer Pan: Life with no parole for 25 years in murder of mother, attempted murder of father |  The Star
Illustration in court (Photo: The Star)

Because of being caught lying, Jennifer’s parents became increasingly strict. The lie went smoothly, until one day Bich and Hann became suspicious of their daughter’s behavior.

The two of them stalked Jennifer’s lie, claiming to work at a hospital. When the lie was exposed, not only his parents’ hearts were broken.

Jennifer was getting more and more depressed, Bich and Hann were getting tougher on their daughter who was then an adult.

Cell phones are banned, computers are illegal, Jennifer is also not allowed to date her boyfriend Daniel Wong. In fact, they always monitor the odometer on the car.

Jennifer was ordered to continue her education under strict supervision. This makes his girlfriend break up with Jenifer and he begins to be close to a man named Andrew Montemayor, his school friend from elementary school.

Together with Montemayor and his new lover’s roommate, Ricardo Duncan, they devise a plot to escape the stress.

However, what they devised was just a plan until their relationship broke up. Jennifer is close to Daniel again and has plans to hire a bouncer.

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Assassination Plan Execution

Jennifer gets a new cell phone from Daniel, as well as contact with a man named Lenford “Homeboy” Crawford who asks for 10,000 Canadian dollars to prank the woman’s parents.

One night in 2010 at 10 p.m., Jennifer decided to execute her plan.

Crawford, Mylvaganam, and a third man named Eric Carty entered the front door of the target’s house. They all carry guns. Bich and Hann they forced their way downstairs and their heads covered with blankets.

The father, Hann was shot twice, one in the face. While his mother, Bich was shot 3 times in the head and died instantly.

Miraculously, the father was saved and remembered all of them. When the verdict dropped Jennifer as a suspect, she did not show her emotions. However, when the media left the courtroom, he was crying and shaking uncontrollably.

With first-degree charges, Jennifer was sentenced to life, without the opportunity to apply for parole for 25 years. In addition, for the attempted murder charge against his father, he was also sentenced to receive a life sentence, which will be served concurrently.

Carty, Mylvaganam and Crawford each received similar punishments.

Too fed up with being regulated by college majors, a child hires a hit man to kill his parents

The Tragedy of the 'Golden Child' Who Was Depressed and Killed His Own Parents - Global
Image of a child hiring a hitman (Photo: Liputan6)

This sadistic murder plan has hit the heart of a family. Actions that are not just games by the child, show the pressure that has always haunted Jenifer’s life.

Mimin advises you prospective parents, give the child a chance to pick up his dreams without having to restrain them.

If you were in Jennifer’s position, talk about every dream you want to achieve. So that there is harmony, if your parents are still not soft, then calm yourself down. Don’t commit murder

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